Let's play Flag Count (as in sexual)

i.e., how many countries you’ve slept with. List them, and state your age for relativity’s sake. I’ll start.

St. Lucia
Puerto Rico
and of course - U.S.A.

12 total

I’m 24.

Yeah, this is prurient and tasteless, but it’ll be fun.

Just two. :frowning: The other one’s Brazil. :smiley:


Gee, was that good for you, too?

I came close to a China once, though.

Yay! A sex test where I can answer honestly without coming across as a total slut!

Two: U.S. and the Netherlands.

Dominican Republic

That is 4 out of the 5 countries I have been to. I am almost 30.

::snort::, you’re welcome.

Oh, and “heritage” doesn’t count. Has to be born & raised.

I have only one country but I have almost every Province in that country (I am missing Newfoundland).

My fiancé and I were so determined to have every province that on a cross-country trip we stopped and parked right behind the welcome to Manitoba sign for a quickie so we could cross another off the list. :smiley:


And, oh, right, Queuing reminds me – make it three, with Canada. (He seemed so normal and all I forgot aboot the fact that he was a furriner, eh?)

I’m not sure that I want to answer the question, but there seem to be at least two interpretations of it:
(1) the physical location of the sexual act; and
(2) the nationality of the sexual partner.

So, before I answer, which is it?

(And in at least two cases in my personal experience, country of birth and nationality were not necessarily the same, but that may be overcomplicating things).

Oops, I answered it as physical location of the sexual act. I have only slept with Canadians.

Yeah, I answered it by nationality of the person (passport held), rather than site of encounter (all U.S.).

Whoops, I thought you meant countries you’ve had sex -in-. I don’t think that changes my answer, though.

#1 doesn’t matter at all, it’s #2 that counts.

So you just shag the Americans and cross the boarder before you fall asleep, huh? Sneaky, sneaky!

And that’s exactly why I’m closing it.

Don’t do this again, pizzabrat.

Cajun Man
for the SDMB

Okay, upon reconsideration we have decided to reopen this thread.

I agree with Cajun Man that it’s not nice to kiss and tell, but if you really want to do this, what the hell, go to.

Well, thanks. Though I think the confusion about the point of the thread may have killed it. I couldn’t find a concise and clear way to say what I wanted - a tally of how many nationalities are represented in your notch count. I asked it the same way it was stated here, where I got the inspiration for this.

Lets see,

I did have someone offer to give me a BJ in Romania as well, but I passed. Hey you would have too if you had as much cash on me as I did and no way to lock it up!


I came really close to Argentina once, but alas, we got stopped. I’m still disappointed. And that was a looong time ago.

I refuse to ask my hubby this one because back in his wild and single days, he went all over the Pacific and had some, er, interesting escapades. As an example, he’s told me that he got offered the chief’s daughter once on Yap. I wouldn’t let him tell me if he accepted the offer. :smiley: