What countries have you been to?

To complement the poll about which states dopers have visited, here’s a poll about which countries they have visited. The same rule applies: you must have set foot in the country, outside an airport, to count as visiting. Flying over, taking a train through, and changing planes at an airport do not count.

Since there are more than 100 countries, I’ve just listed 99. They are the top 99 countries in the list on this Wikipedia page, excluding Hong Kong, by population. So the smallest is Papua New Guinea, population 6,732,000. If you’ve been to other countries, tick “other”, and list which they are.

(And it will take me a while to list all the countries, so be patient :slight_smile: )

My other country is New Zealand

You seem to have excluded all the scandinavian countries :frowning:

I missed the USA so add 1 there. Apart from those in the poll I have been to

Finland (last time last Saturday)

Apropos the Czech Republic. It was called Czechoslovakia when I passed through.

Sweden was there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also Luxembourg, Finland, the Vatican, Paraguay, and the Bahamas.

Sweden is there. However, the other two are small in population: Denmark 5.5 million and Norway 4.9 million. I was limited to just 100 choices. Perhaps Denmark and Norway should unite – they speak the same language, after all :smiley: – and get into the top 100.

What, no New Mexico?

I refuse to play, then.

My “Others” were Jamaica and St. Kitts.

In addition, I’ve been to St. Martin/Sint Maarten and Curacao, which are affiliated with France/Netherlands Antilles.

42 states, but only 7 foreign countries.

I guess I was overinfluenced by the “See America first!” campaign (not in my Chevrolet anymore, though.)

Other: Uruguay. It was fantastic.

Like Norden :wink:

Also French Polynesia (Tahiti), Libya, Anguilla, St. Martin/St Maarten, Grenada, Aruba, St. Vincent.

Was there a UK option? I’ve been there, specifically England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

But so does Sweden and we broke away from the then union in 1523. :wink:

I missed clicking UK; I have also been to Costa Rica, maybe my favorite! 24 in all, I think, but only 4 for strictly personal reasons :^(

My “other” was Liechtenstein.



In addition to the several I checked, others include: Aruba, Albania, Bahamas, Grenada, Kosovo (sort of a country), Macedonia and the U.A.E.

Surly, who gets around.

Others: Bahamas, Fiji, Croatia, and Slovenia.

Panama, Swaziland, and Vatican City.

I’m also the only vote for two countries (I’ll leave unnamed for now). Wonder how long that will last…