Let's Play With My New Nigerian Friend

So I received another one of those 419 emails. For some reason, at this point it seemed time to mess with them a little bit, so I started conversing with them.

Yes, I know it’s been done before, but I was bored, and at this point I’ve got a bit of a dialogue going. What I need is some Doper help to keep stringing this along as long as I can.

As the exchange is already underway, it will take me two posts to fit it all in, so please wait until I posted everything before replying…

Here is the original email I received:

and here is my initial response:

Rosa’s reply:

At this point I begin to mess with her a little more:

And Rosa’s response -

So Dopers! How can I extend the charade? Let’s have some fun!

Ask her if you can collect your share in Chinese currency.

Ask her if she has ever heard of Amway.

Ask her if she has accepted Tonya Harding as her Personal Savior.

Ask her about your pal, Fred, who’s coming to see her.

Bosda - good suggestions, all. I have incorporated them into my response:

I will post her response as I receive it.

Let’s hear some more ideas, people!

Give your number out as 809-###-####, and thus force them to pay a huge long distance bill. Thus you are 809ing the 419er.

You should send this picture of you friend Fred, so that they will know who he is. :slight_smile:

The telephone number for the Office of the Attorney General is 202-353-1555.

Yes, I will send a picture of my friend Fred in my next email, I think that is very important.

As for the phone numbers, I love the idea of the 809 area code, but it appears that not all of the 809 numbers bill at that rate - only a portion of them. How can I find an expensive one?

The AG phone number is funny, but I’m afraid that using that too early might throw them off and cause them to break contact.

Now who’s got a good religious picture of the Earth Mother TONYAHARDING? :smiley:

You might use “The West Bank of the Mississippi” as your bank. (Not original, but a nice tradition.)

Or you could talk up your character by mentioning your good works with the Spanish Prisoners’ Advocacy Association. :wink:

Page 6 of this report will give you a good idea for a number. As for Tonya try this lovely 80’s one if you want the real Tonya. Or you can just be weird and send a picture of Queen Amidala and tell them she is weird your religion’s most holy garments.

Or, you could tell her that due to your high-level business connections, you don’t give out your phone number via e-mail. Tell her you will mail it to her.

Start pushing her…that it’s important you get things set up quickly, as you may be in the process of looking for a new job come the fall.

Here’s a link to another person who decided to fuck with these scammers. It’s actually pretty funny and may have some good ideas for you. Give 'em hell.


See if they’re interested in a P-p-p-powerbook :smiley:

You people give me bad ideas. I think I’m going to e-mail “my friend” Sarah Rowland from Malaysia. :smiley: I will report back if I get a response.

Tell her about your scientific experiments in the field of 1920’s Style Death Rays.
Offer to build her one, so you can drive th rebels into the sea. :smiley:

You might want to take a look at the kind of stuff this guy has done to the scammers. One of the things he does is get them to send him photos of themselves holding up signs that say things like Get Up Flacid Willie and Will U Phystme. My favorite is when he pretended to be a rap producer. He even made up an album cover featuring a picture of the scammer.

Of course, one has to make sure that they give a valid number. Otherwise, brilliant.

You need to tie in something about Dihydrogen Monoxide into your story. Perhaps something about how over exposure to this potentially deadly substance has caused the death of somone in your family?

I got my first one toady! I am so excited!

Here’s what I said:
Wow, that sounds fabulous!
Please call me at 867-5309.
Ask for Jenny.


Check out the Spam Letters for more hilarity courtesy of the Lads From Lagos.