Let's play: your day in three words

Lake effect snow!

Taking down Christmas

Talked with secretary.

Cold as Ice

Godson has COVID.

Planning with grandson.

Bad, Better, Best. Ugh, Yum, Yay! (Start work, lunch, end work)

Wakeup, Nap, Sleep…

Hungry, Full, Hungry.

Poop, Shower, Shave.

Poop, Wee, Wee.

Itch, Scratch, Ahhh!

Friend visiting soon.

Lawn mowing day

Got bills paid

Two search warrants.

Free Elendil_s_Heir!

I can’t sleep.

Thanks, I’m fine.

Day too short

Really warm January

Warm? Not here!

Dark, gloomy, dreary.

Pretty hot today.

More snow coming.