Let's see your hometown.

Here’s the city where I live: http://www.bbc.co.uk/nottingham/360/index.shtml

Visiting that site, you’ll be able to take a tour of Nottingham Castle and see other places of interest.

Let’s see where you guys live.

There’s a few sites for Auckland, NZ.

Here’s one of them.

And here’s some photos.


but I live here:


Here’s Wollaton Hall, about a 15 minute walk from my house.

good morning friends,

if you should happen to see the movie about schmidt, most of it was filmed withing walking distance of where i grew up.

also:{url= http://www.omaha.org/oma/zoox.htm]the henry doorly zoo has many unique attractions, such as the largest indoor rainforest in the world.

Icewolf, I was talking to an old friend Wednesday nite about his trip to New Zealand; he was telling me how beautiful it was. Your pic link proves that ! :wink:

Here’s where I grew up.

Here’s the official site for the town I’m in now.

And here is the one for the town where I grew up.

Here are some shots of Scranton

South Side, the section I live in.

Downtown Scranton

Our “Flaming Foliage”, some of the best in the country!

Scranton High School, built in 2000. That’s not a French flag on the bleachers. Scranton used to have 3 high schools (Central, Tech, and West Scranton) who’s school colors were blue & gold, red & white, and blue and white (respectively).

The humble village of Bluffton:

The town I was a young child in: Chagrin Falls, Ohio

The town I grew up in: Danville, Kentucky

The town I went to High School in: Laurinburg, North Carolina

Where I went to college: East Carolina University, in Greenville, NC

Where I am now: Bremerton, Washington

The city I grew up in, Randallstown, MD., does not seem to have a web site. So here’s a picture of the high school I went to, which is interesting for no other reason than that it was built in the shape of the letter “R” (Yes, for ‘Randallstown’. It was built in the 60’s. They were on drugs).

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for the past 10 years. I’m sure there are primitive, undiscovered tribesman deep in the wild of the jungle who would recognize L.A. from countless cop shows, so I won’t bother showing a general picture of the city. But here’s the neighborhood I live in.

Here’s a picture of my neighborhood from 1940. The beautiful art deco May Company building is still there, but it’s now part of the L.A. County Museum Of Art, whose main building is next door.

I was born in and raised in Tacoma.

I now live in a rural sliver of King County between the cities of Kent, Covington and Auburn. I work in the city of Renton for a large commercial airplane company. I live next door to this fine facility. It could be worse, I could live next to an airport.

Welcome to Austin !

More specifically, South Austin!

But I spent most of my childhood in beautiful Buda and the City of Hays

One thing I enjoy about my city is that, while it’s huge, and there are lots of neat things to do and see (I’m fixin’ to walk over to the Menil Collection now), it is not a tourist destination. Nevertheless, we have a collection of local attractions.

Generally, Houston

More specifically, 77006 (I live just north of Alabama - actually West Alabama - between the “7” and the “0”).

Finally, a little history.

Applemania… that’s about it. My town is boring. Although it has a very convenient URL.

How many people are checking all of these links, anyway? I honestly don’t think I can ever be that bored.

Wow, Anamorphic, Randallstown is sort of my hometown too - that’s where I lived the first two years of my life (after getting out of the hospital in Baltimore, that is).

The town I actually grew up in is even less interesting, as the closest thing there is to a website for Kettering, MD will show you.

Don’t even bother clicking that link unless you’re really REALLY bored.

Just northeast and oddly enough also south of the north east edge of Houston, is Humble, Texas.

Some local points that may or may not be of interest:
Mercer Arboretum
the Nature Center
at Jesse Jones Park and Red Bud Hill Pioneer and indian village.

a hokey little festival called Good Oil Days that celebrates our little city’s history if you’re interested. The population is closer to 70,000. Than the stated 45,000 when that history was written.

There are at least nine public and five private golf courses nearby.

A fairly new civic center

We are right on the edge of Lake Houston where my boys spend a lot of time skiing, wakeboarding, knee boarding and camping on the San Jacinto River sandbars. (That’s not a pic of my boy though. Don’t know how to put one out there to link to it.

Honolulu, Hawaii

If you click on the Waikiki Web Cam you can take control of it and peruse the beach. It’s been a ilttle bit overcast recently so the beach is kinda empty. Notice the movie screen, friday and saturday they show movies on the beach. They also have bands play before the movie, like Don Ho and his daughter Hoku, and food too. If you come back at night they shine a spot light on the beach and people can swim at night. You might also be lucky enough to catch the hula show. That’s an almost nightly thing. I estimate I’ll be walking through there in about 6 hours.

Right below the cam you can also see Duke’s. That’s where Magnum P.I. and his gang hung out. Actually below and too the left.

Plaza de Diego

Botanical Garden

[University of Puerto Rico Tower](solo23.abac.com/tony-alicea/ prphotos/uprtower.jpg)

Those are of my hometown, a part of the San Juan municipality. Specifically, I lived in Sabana Llana, a part of Río Piedras.

Here’s a street map… Most of the area is Río Piedras, my street is exactly the one to the left of the 181 sign immediately above the Honda sign ande 65 de Infantería.

[View of the San Juan islet](www.ladiesauxvfw.com/mm/ image/San%20Juan.jpg)


Visions of Montreal