Let's send Snapple some more "Fun Facts" for their bottle tops.

Snapple puts what are supposed to be trivia facts on their bottle caps. I never thought anything of them until I saw Fun Fact# 230-- A duck’s quack doesn’t echo. So I’ve made up a list of some facts that I wish to send Snapple.

Fun Fact[list=635][]Mr. Joe Average and his wife Mary have maintained a household of 2.5 children for over 10 years. []Soul was christened by James Brown at the same small storefront Baptist church that coronated Micheal Jackson. []Joanie Loves Chachi was the first lesbian themed sitcom on national television.[]Manx Hairless cats are a direct result of a devistating epidemic of mange on the Isle of Man.[]Turkeys will fry in their own fat if not removed to indoors when the temperature reaches 100 degrees or above. []I takes over 125,000 gaspodes to make one gallon of gas.[/list]

Styrofoam is actually made from recycled Sterno. (The change in name is due to a typo during the development of Styrofoam.)

  1. Cats, when not observed by humans, are actually running the planet.

There are more nerve endings in a man’s nipple than his entire left foot.

If you stacked up all the bricks produced annually in Paraguay, you’d have a really tall pile.

A simple combination of lemon juice, salt and crushed garlic makes an excelent disinfectant for small cuts.

Just watch “Cram” on the Game Show Network. Towards the end of the show the winning team must try not to fall asleep while they rest and listen to several “facts” given to them. The infamous duck’s quack one was once mentioned, which led me to conclude that many of the “facts” given (probably straight from the Internet) were of dubious veracity.

Never eat orange snow

The whale is not really a fish.
It is an insect.

Ron Jeremy achieved his enormous girth and length via a hydraulically enhanced Tug-A-Hoy™.

A round pizza can never be cut into more than eight slices.

George W. Bush’s real parents are Cornelius and Zera from “The Planet of the Apes.”

An elephant’s ejaculate has over 1,000,000 calories.

In 1912, Lewis Grind of Peoria, IL actually dug a hole all the way to China.

Contrary to popular myth, a wood chuck can’t actually chuck anything.

A piece of paper cannot be folded more than twice.

The fish stick is neither a fish nor a stick. It is a fungus.

Cheez Whiz contains neither cheese nor whiz. We’re better off not knowing what it’s really made from.

In Sweden, it is illegal to shake hands with someone of the opposite sex on a

The Mars candy bar was not named for the planet, but for President Calvin Coolidge’s son-in-law.

Gore_Tex is actually made from dingleberries.

Some varieties of trees have more than 40 leaves.

The ink used to write the Declaration Of Independence was in fact made from the spit of an Emperor Penguin.

First, a corollary to Lieu’s post:

  • Al Gore originally acheived noteriety as the inventor of Gore-Tex

  • If you have rubber soled shoes, go ahead and stand under a tree during an electrical storm; the rubber insulates you from electricity!

  • Standard household bleach removes just about any stain from your furniture or carpeting if you let is soak long enough

  • In Mexico, extending your middle finger is a friendly way to say, “Hello. How are you?”

Standard household bleach is the best cleaner for a cat’s litterbox.

  • The Electric Slide was so named because of the similarity to the muscle contortions of an electrocuted person.

  • Giraffes can’t drive a car and no one knows why.

  • The dinosaurs died out becuase they couldn’t afford the co-pay.

  • Stonehenge was built to confuse future historians.

If all the books in the Library of Congress were laid in a row from end to end, they would span the same distance it is between Washington D.C. and Chicago.

George Washington didn’t chop down a cherry tree. He did cut down an apple tree, but he used a saw, not an ax.

Driver’s licenses have been around longer than cars. People who operated horse-driven carriages were required to have a license.

The surface of a basketball is nubby because the game was originally played with ripe oranges.

There are no stitches in a tennis ball, because tennis players universally refuse to sew.