Let's show some love for Friday Night Lights y'all

Just caught up with the last-aired episode of this season (5.7). Wow, such an amazing show, with so little attention. I would like to post my thoughts, but first I’d like to know if anyone else is interested in reading them!

Anyone else watch this show?

I’d heard of this show, but never gave it much thought. My sister got here today, and has been watching it on Netflix. I’ve seen about a season now over her shoulder. I hate most of the characters, and yet the show is really compelling. She’s about midway through season 4 now, I estimate.

Not to hijack…but I went to that high school. (where the original book/documentary/movie were set ). Graduated three years (81) before the book came out.
They changed the name/school colors, etc because they couldn’t come to an agreement with the school district.

I love this show. I can’t see any of the current season’s episodes, but I’ve been through all 4 previous seasons on Netflix.

I’m an addict. The writing and acting are both wonderful. Khan–which of the characters do you hate, and why do you hate them? I find it hard to completely love or completely hate any of the characters. Everyone’s part is written and acted with nuances that make every person, and every relationship, feel very real. The only person who really gets on my nerves consistently is Julie, just because she’s so spoiled and self-centered.

Although it’s not the first thing you’d notice, the cinematography is great, too. Many of the shots are framed as classic Americana, with views that evoke Whistler, Hopper, Wood, or 1950s-60’s Life magazine photos. Other views look like they could have come from yesterday’s football coverage from ESPN or the most recent Sports Illustrated. The visual vocabulary of the series underscores the classic nature of the interpersonal relationships, while placing the particular storylines firmly in the times we live in.

I just realized how pompous that last paragraph sounds. I wish I could find a more direct, less academic-sounding, way to say the same thing. Sorry.

I think the plot of the show is probably its weakest part. The characters (and especially the acting) and dialogue are AMAZING. Particularly, I find the way they read the dialogue and act with each other to be really very realistic . . . they’ll talk over each other, stutter, stammer, someone will say something they think is particularly clever and the other characters will be like, “what does that mean” instead of silently responding with their eyes as they might on, say, Mad Men.

I think ultimately what attracts me to the show is the commitment to realism. I grew up in a small southern football-obsessed town, and I’m pretty sure I know like 6 Buddy Garritys. JD looks like 60% of the guys in my high school (I think, commitment to realism aside, he’s the only high school male on the show that actually looks like he might be in high school, except maybe Vince.) The town is portrayed as small and dilapidated, and the townspeople are often small-minded and petty.

I love too that the show is not just some Palinesque celebration of “Real America.” The ugliness of rural America is also explored; the motifs in the “Devil Town” song seem very prominent throughout the work. I think it follows in the great American literary tradition of exploring the evil undertones of idyllic America.

I agree too with the amazing cinematography. Somehow I see it most with Riggins, when he’s driving his truck down the deserted highway and there is a beautiful Texas panorama framing him every.single.time.

I’m actually surprised at how little attention this show gets on the Dope. Most critically acclaimed but unpopular shows are popular here, but not this one. I wonder if lots of people dismiss it as another football show?

At the same time, it does not hesitate to showcase the beautiful parts of Dillon, like how the how town supports each other through crises like Street’s injury. As an atheistish person who went to a lot of church, I love how organically they portray church and religion in the townspeople’s lives. Landry starts a christian band but still has sex with Tyra. Pretty much everyone goes to church on Sunday and there are lots of public prayers but strong belief is rare.
Oh, and I agree that Julie is the only unlikeable character. She’s been kind of a snot from the beginning, when she kept acting like she was too good for Dillon and Matt.

I’m a fan. I haven’t seen any of the current season yet. Of what I’ve seen so far, I thought the second season was the weakest. One of the things I like is that it’s a show that centers on high schoolers and people actually graduate and leave town. The Taylor’s marriage seems very realistic to me. Julie can be a snot but I think a lot of teenagers go through that. I disliked her less in season 4.

I’m looking forward to season 5. I’m hoping there’s some comuppance for evil Joe McCoy.

I just started reading the book (still in the prologue, just started.)

It’s embarassing but I’ve learned more about football from watching this show than I did in all my years of playing in the marching band at every home game.