Lets take stuff out of context.

Jessica Simpson’s own publicist admits that Simpson can’t sing.

So, you’re advocating stealing? Oh, real nice…

Mick Jagger killed JFK and RFK:

“You shouted out ‘who killed the Kennedys?’ when, after all, it was . . . me.”

Won’t you please think of the children !

Sheesh, I thought this was about Jessica Simpson and I was gonna say, “Hey, I thought she just played the sax!” but I see it’s not that kind of thread.

I’m not bashful. Sure!

Ah-HA! I knew it! I knew there was something fishy going on with you!

Who you callin’ fishy?!

Bush Pays Back Supporter Ken Lay as only Bush knows how.

I saw a greeting card yesterday at work, it stated:

:eek: I didn’t look inside.

I’d hardly describe your plan to kidnap Sandra Oh as real nice.

I think this is really cruel. Just because Sandra Oh didn’t win the Emmy is no reason for kidnapping.

That’s no reason to kill Sandra- sorry, that was Lord Lucan (really obscure) :smiley:

I wondered what the smell was.

Well, it looks like **Mindfield ** isn’t the only culprit.

Look, Armitage and Rove I can understand, but what the hell does Mindfield have to do with it?