Let's talk about the funniest British comedy of the last decade

Coupling was fairly successful in the UK, but I don’t think it’s going to make any “best of…” lists.

It’s one of those TV series that’s competently executed and reasonably funny (like My Family - which seems to get loads of flak, somewhat unfairly), but is just too unambitious and unoriginal to leave a lasting impression.

And as if perfectly on time, Series 1 of Cabin Pressure is being repeated on 4Extra. Episode 1 is available until next Monday. Hoorah! Or, for Bleak Expectations fans, Harumble!

It’s stretching the decade, but what about Spaced?

The only 2 british sitcoms I’ve seen in the past decade were the Office and Extras. With nobody mentioning it, I feel like I was watching the Brit version of 2 and a Half Men.

Thanks to the OP for starting this thread and turning me on to Cabin Pressure - it’s brilliant!

Yeah, it’s a pity they only made 6 episodes.

Yep, it’s a brilliant show, the first season overuses its PoV gimmick a bit but it really hits its stride in the second and I can’t think of any show better. If you like Peep Show then it’s well worth giving the Inbetweeners a look.

If you want to watch repetitive committee-written, prolefeed with childish lowest-common denominator assembly-line humour, why not just watch an American live-action sitcom.

someone has gotten hold of arthur’s recipe for “fizzy yoghurt”. one person said it was “unnervingly fizzy”.


big news! mr finnemore is writing a 45 minute episode titled zurich!



And boo, that it’s the finale.

**Extras **by a landslide. The Office is also good (was that within the last decade?), though I honestly do prefer the American version a bit more.

Can we count the revival of Red Dwarf too please? It was quite good.

Yup…awesome dialogue. I’m always worried about how they will tackle each new season, yet it always seems to deliver.

Coupling is nothing like My Family! The latter is so bad that even its stars are embarrassed about it, and the former is farcical genius.

I’m now trying to find a way to listen to Cabin Pressure. Amazon UK only has it on CD - a tenner for one series! - and my phone and computer won’t talk to one another, so that won’t work. Neither will streaming, since I’d need to use it underground. Bet there is some way though.

You chaps might want to seek out John Finnemore’s Souvenir Program which just finished a run in the R4 6:30 slot. The sniffer dog sketch alone is worth the effort.

In a sort of double whammy J.F. was recently the guest panellist on I’m Sorry I haven’t a clue where he got to play Mornington Crescent :cool:

Just popping in to say that thanks to this thread I now own all four seasons of Cabin Pressure, a show I had never even heard of before. Thanks again, Dopers!

He was also on the recent Children in Need episode of Only Connect - which is another show that needs its own thread - though, sadly, he didn’t get a chance to say anything funny.

I haven’t watched a LOT of recent British comedy, but put me down as another +1 for The IT Crowd.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qy_BKKnHgas “A Fire? At a SEA PARKS? It’s a very weird place to go on fire.”

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I rather enjoy geeky t-shirts. And I don’t mind if they’re a bit obscure. I believe Cabin Pressure may have given my my very most obscure geeky t-shirt ever, referencing one of my favorite bits from the show: Otters on a Plane.

That’s the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen. Sadly, there is a probability of exactly zero that I will ever meet anyone who would get the reference, including family and close friends.

Here’s some more Cabin Pressure t-shirts and other merchandise from the woman who started the Otters Who Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch thing.

A lot of very fine comedy starts out on BBC R4, A lot of it is tried-out then makes the transition to TV. I am surprised that “The High Life” hasn’t done so but I suspect that Benedict Cumberbatch would now blow any potential budget for it.

I do enjoy it though, not least because it contains two of the most exquisite voices ever to grace the airwaves, Mr. Cumberbatch himself and Roger Allam, who himself would have made a great stand-in Smaug.