Let's Talk Alcohol

hey so I apologize for a few things firstly my lack of proper punctuation and grammar etc and that this isn’t written with anything resembling some of the beautiful posts I’ve seen and see often throughout here that really made SDMB stand out to me so with that in mind i hope you’ll all forgive me for my transgressions and bear with me :stuck_out_tongue:

So yeah my question is what kind if liquor or wine spirit etc are you all drinking any increase since the pandemic any health issues that have surfaced persisted ? I’ve noticed I’ve been having an issue with cheap whiskey learning the term rot gut for real lol and vodka just tastes like water anywho much love to all and stay safe and hydrated I look forward to your responses

P.s. also any suggestions on cheaper decent tasting liquor like in comparison ten high whiskey over Canadian mist or something like that

I’ve been drinking beer, same as always. Also, I think this thread is worthy of a more deseved forum than General Questions. I’ll try to let a mod know that it can have a happier home. Welcome here to the SDMB!


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See how quickly I got that done? I’m really impressed with myself!

Any particular kind of beer ? I used to drink beer alot in my youth but lately I’m trying to tone down my liquor consumption and there was an awesome deal on coors bottles but drinking them causes me serious upset stomach now a days seems like I can only handle hard stuff I don’t use chasers at all

Also thank you for the timely assistance as far as moving this to the proper place where hopefully it will be appropriate and appreciated

Also thank you to @Chronos for your contribution as well

Have a drink on me.

And I do just fine with Bacardi and caffine free diet cola. I find that the caffine and sugar affect me more than the quality when it comes to rum. I do have next day issues with cheap whiskey or cheap Scotch. Higher quality means less problens the next day.

I drink vodka mixed drinks. Vodka diet ginger ale at the moment. The weirdest thing for me during the pandemic is buying cases of half gallons rather than just a bottle here or there. I don’t think my consumption went up (Except for the first few nights when I realized I was pouring heavy out of the half gallon bottles and didn’t have my normal visual reference to keep things in check). I broke out the jigger and fixed the issue.

Same here as far as caffeine and possibly sugar but usually I’m pretty intoxicated if I’m drinking an energy drink or soda I am a big water drinker , I like rum but it makes my spouse suuuuper bitter and angry brings up old stuff for her so that’s a no go and yeah thats how I figured the whiskey thing but see thats a new development for me now post covid my body is no longer the tank it used to be I used to be able to drink anything under the sun and as much as any two people easy but now… and I bought some scotch yesterday and man sometimes you just get a wild hair up your ass and feel like you need to just catch a small buzz without the wait and so with vodka even cheap like Fleischmann I could probably kill half a 5th no wincing but any more than 3 or so shots all at once makes my stomach feel interesting to say the least for at least 20-30 mins like you know you drank something lol but to be fair I probably would feel more or think I do from the whiskey scotch than I would vodka rum

Any given day, if the sun’s down (or on its way), I’ve usually got a beer in my hand. For everyday drinking I go cheap with beer; Tecate, High Life, MGD, and Yuengling are my usual brands. I just buy whichever one is cheapest that day. If they’re all the same price, Yuengling.

My go-to hard liquor is Canadian Club whisky, mostly for sentimental reasons. A 1.75L bottle will set you back about $18. I wouldn’t go any cheaper than that, personally, but fortunately I can afford to just buy what I like.

Aside from that I like to have a bit of vodka around. My favorite vodka, also for sentimental reasons, is Stolichnaya, but I’m of the opinion that with vodka, there may be two or three quality tiers, but within those tiers, it’s all the same.

I used to love rum, but I haven’t had any in years. Nothing fancy, just Bacardi. The one I liked, I think was called “Bacardi Dark,” or possibly “Select” or “Black.”

I’ve been enjoying rye lately. Again, nothing fancy, just some Old Overholt Bonded.

I like IPA’s, and as per your discussion, I have made changes to my selections. Pre-pandemic I made frequent stops for the fancy, expensive stuff. As the pandemic rages on, I stop at the store less frequently and grab a couple of 15 packs of Goose Island IPA. It’s not bad, and I walk out with 30 not bad, not too expensive beers. My intention is to limit the frequency of my exposure to other humans, and keep some IPA in the fridge.

hey right so two things in that first I just tried a real Moscow mule and it was okay so ginger n vodka is nice and secondly I’ve been buying half gallons was going through one every other day but now I bought a small 2 dollar bottle to fill up and ration myself a bit more you know sometimes you get to the point were just taking shots especially heavy handed ones straight from the bottle it’ll eventually won’t feel like anything is happening until its too late and usually your in a state of who gives a fuck or does it matter if im drunk right now im functioning and responsible attitude

same pre pandemic it was top shelf henny n belvedere etc and now its bleh im the same though I just got out if prison (for mj) and after spending so much time isolated in higher custody im just really introverted and it doesn’t hurt to have a few beers around I wish these coors were ipas but can’t beat 18 bottles for 10$

But yeah I definitely don’t like people you guys on here are probably my favorite or preferred cause I can stop by and leave on a whim

Not much of a beer drinker, so I generally have hard liquor with a long shelf life that I mix with other things. My pantry includes vodka and rum (generally Kirkland/Costco brand), along with Fireball (cinnamon liquor) and Irish Cream. Generally they end up mixed with decaf coffee (especially in the evening), or used in mix drinks such as a Moscow Mule, Mojitos, or a Rum and Cola.

About the last, I have a Sodastream system and make my own syrups, so I’m not buying a ton of soda that I never get around to drinking before it goes flat, and since it’s decaf I can have it later.

As for the pandemic effects, I went from drinking 2-3 beverages a week, to 6-7 in the leadup and aftereffect of the election, to an average of 4 or so now. The health effects have included some weight gain (along with most everyone I know) and more frequent heartburn.

I think overall the quality of the booze makes less of a difference than the time of day/night I drink it - pretty much everything is worse if I drink in that last hour before I go to bed, but heck, that’s true of eating in the last hour before bed. Darn I hate being older.

I drink beer almost exclusively, maybe once a year I buy a bottle of bourbon. I drink almost exclusively on the weekends, Friday nights almost for sure. That’s mainly because I regard a good snootfull as my reward for a week at my job. Also on Saturdays and occasionally Sundays, particularly after working around the house and in the yard all day. Love to build a fire outside (at night) and sit, listening to music and looking at the stars and drinking.
As far as the pandemic, my alcohol consumption went up but more due to the previous political administration and my disagreements with their policies. I feel stressed out about the pandemic and the response of many of my fellow Hoosiers here in bright red NE Indiana and alcohol helps me de-stress.
Yuengling seems to work pretty good for me in spite of the fact that I feel like I should boycott them for the owner’s politics. Other favorites are Pacifico, Tecate and Corona. All seem to be, for me at least, pretty low on the hangover scale.

Well, uh, yeah. I’ve been a fairly steady drinker, but the pandemic and stress associated with that kinda pushed me far enough that it really got out of control (in the sense that I needed alcohol to feel normal, not to feel drunk or anything like that), and, well, turns out when I tried to stop, my body was not liking it and on the advice of my doctor, I checked myself into detox and spent a week at an inpatient facility. (I have never done anything remotely like this before.)

Good news is, that’s what I needed; the experience was great, and I’m glad I had a physician who helped me appropriately.

Well, you asked about health issues. :slight_smile:

As for cheap alcohol, if you like gin, I actually think Seagram’s gin is better than the price would have you believe. Before I went completely off the rails, I’d get a handle of that for around the house. If bourbon is your drink, Evan Williams is good bang for buck. (Though the cheapest I’d go was usually Old Granddad Bonded or Four Roses.)

Okay yeah I hear you I’ve never tried the yuengling though I did enjoy a nice beer in my earlier days im just drinking cheap stuff to have more for bills
Canadian club is nice im drinking scotch today pretty shifty quality definitely no dewars lol yeah the vodka from sky to fleish seemed no different I just get tired of vodka I honestly quit drinking rum when they stopped making 151 and I haven’t gone over to rye yet though im sure I will

As quite often the case, @pulykamell serves as my spokesperson. I do seek out the overproof Evan Williams (@ 100, more bangs per buck) with the white label. My uncle in Michigan recommended it and I searched high and low and couldn’t find it. Then, all of a sudden a few years ago, something changed with local distribution and it’s everywhere. I get change back from a $20 bill in DuPage County.

If you like scotch and soda try mixing your drink with a bottom shelf, respectable, blend like White Horse or Grant’s. Then add half a teaspoon of Laphroaig.

Philistine or alchemist: that’s for you to decide. But it’s decidedly cheaper and IMO tastier than mixing your S&S with Johnny Walker Black.

I also agree that if you’re mixing your bourbon with coke or ginger ale, Evan Williams BIB 100 proof is the way to go. It makes a better Jack and coke than Jack Daniels. Wild Turkey 101 is also excellent quality for the price.

I invented a drink back when the first lockdown happened a year ago, which I called the “quarantine.”. It’s a double measure of Cynar, plus Canada Dry Bold*, with a dash of Rose’s lime. It’s bitter on bitter, and it really works bizarrely well. Refreshing, sitting in the sun kind of drink.

*Otherwise not very good supposedly extra gingery ginger ale. I’ve tried the drink with higher quality ginger ales, and it just doesn’t work as well.

Lately I’ve been having Corn-n-oil.