Let's talk bottled lemon juice

You can also mix two parts lemon juice and two parts water to one part Dawn dish soap and use it to clean your shower.

I always keep a bottle in my fridge. Yes, when I make lemon angel pie for Passover, I will squeeze lemons. But that’s a LOT more work than using some bottled juice. When I marinate the lamb (also for Passover) I will be using the bottled juice.

If I make apple pie, or blueberry pie, and the fruit is a little bland, I will perk it up with bottled lemon juice. If I want to drink something livelier than water I might pour some bottled lemon juice into a glass, and fill it with water. (I don’t sweeten it. I love lemon flavor, and don’t mind sour.) I sometimes use it as the “Sour” ingredient in Indian cooking. (I also sometimes use fresh lemons or amchoor powder.) I’ll use a little on fish or shellfish if I’m too lazy to deal with a lemon, or if we don’t have any nice lemons knocking around.

I’ll try this, I usually add a little rice vinegar.

I don’t use too much lemon juice overall. when I do, I often want other parts of the lemon. Here’s my salmon technique. A little micrograted lemon zest into hummus is really good.

But, with gratitude to this thread, I’m going to buy a bottle of lemon juice and check it out.

I don’t think I’d drink it; fresh lemon juice makes for dramatically better lemonade (equal parts by volume of lemon juice and sugar, and add water to taste. Then listen to people rave about it), but the bottled stuff is just fine for things like marinades, brightening up a soup or something by adding a little bit, and so forth.

The jury’s out on salad dressings; my inclination is that it would be fine, because it’s predominantly an acidic ingredient and rarely a main flavor note.

A few tablespoons of lemon juice in a casserole dish, remove the butts (grey ends) of asparagus, separate the leafy tops, microwave for three minutes, add the tops back in and stir, microwave one minute, add butter.

As noted it also makes a decent sprinkle on fish and prevents apples from turning brown.

And, as noted, it is not a good substitute for a recipe calling for freshly squeezed lemon.

This was going to be my suggestion too!

I will add a comment about the quality of bottled lemon juice: I am allergic to citrus and I can eat a small piece of this pie and not have problems.

There’s nothing wrong with bottled lemon juice.

As to the OP, I like lemon juice in most chicken dishes.

My local restaurant offered cool whip/lemon pie for $2.75 a slice. It was very popular. They’d have to charge $3.75 today.

They also had a berry,berry pie. Same recipe except used 2 tbs lemon juice and crushed raspberries. I use my food processor to pulp the raspberries. Someone with allergies could substitute a berry juice.

I once asked my gf to get me a bottle of lemon juice when she was grocery shopping. I assumed she’d get my the big, green and yellow $2.29 bottle. Safe assumption, right? It’s what I kept in the fridge 360 days a year.

She always looks for the “best”. She bought me a cute little 6 ounce bottle of organically grown fresh squeezed lemon juice. It was delicious, but I could have spent less paying a sex worker to squeeze lemons for me topless while I watched.

I always keep lemons and limes on hand for fresh juice. We do have a bottle of lemon juice in the fridge that my wife picked up. She uses it for certain things like chicken lemon rice soup, and insists the bottled stuff is actually better for that than fresh.

I personally think her chicken lemon soup tastes like she sprayed half a can of lemon pledge into it, but I think it’s not so much the bottled stuff being inferior than she uses too much of it. A little citrus goes a long way.

I’d think fresh juice would matter for lemon rice soup.

But for last night’s spread, we used bottled juice in the potato dish and in the lamb’s marinade, and fresh squeezed lemons (zest and juice) for the lemon angel pie.

Lemonade will be better with fresh lemons. And slices of lemon juice are a terrible garnish. Even with fresh lemons the flavor will vary.

Yes, but it’s so incredible easy with bottled juice. I don’t love lemonade. I don’t think I’ve ever bothered to make fresh lemonade, and probably never will. But a glass of water with a spritz of lemon juice on the evening is a pleasant, low cal (i don’t add a sweetener) “winding down my day” thing to consume.

I agree! I keep it to myself though when she makes it :wink:

Hard to argue with that.

Raspberries (unfortunately) have citric acid in them. The more tart the fruit, the higher amount of citric acid it has. The good news is chocolate does not have citric acid in it. The bad news is foods with chocolate in them are not good for my weight.