Let's talk Snowfall Totals (Jan 2016)

I can see at least 5" (more like 7") piles on the banister out my window and an area map with estimated depths is at http://www.srh.noaa.gov/ohx/?n=20160122

We haven’t had this much snow all at once in at least a decade! And it looks to be around for several more days.

Surely you East Coast folks can top these numbers. How about further South and West?

My drivewayhas at least 10" of this evil white crap on it. It’s still coming down, but the weather guessers are saying less than an additional inch today. We shall see…

I’ve had trouble locating Snowfall Records for this area (Nashville) down to specific days or weeks, but this shows how seldom we get the amount of snow (in a season/year) that we just got in the past few days (in the range of 8" and counting). Of course, the 2016 numbers are yet to be added in, but you can see that it’s got to be more than anything since at least 2003!


Hopefully, your area would have comparable pages to examine/post. :slight_smile:

Mercer County, NJ (Central Jersey) > my backyard amount, as measured in LabUnits,* about 18" and still coming down hard.

*LU = snow to upper flank of dog.

Lovely! Reminds me of another unit of measure from my school years: Ass Deep to a Tall Indian. (If there was an official unit for that, I can’t remember ever hearing it.) :slight_smile:

We have had a total of around five inches of snow here in January, but just a trace on the ground right now (maybe one-tenth of a LabUnit).*

*our beast would like more snow in which to push around the giant Ball, but you take what you can get.

We may need to switch over to BeastUnits (BU) soon (our bouvier/mastiff measuring system).

We didn’t have the foresight to gather the fetch balls and sticks before the storm – may have to switch temporarily to frisbees :slight_smile:

Light dusting. Stuck on roofs, decks, in the woods but not on lawns or roads.

At most 1.5" so far this year. But it just started snowing here today, we expect a little more.

So it’s over an inch out there now, bring the total to about 2.5" for the year. If it keeps snowing at the current rate we’ll have over 170 feet of snow by the end of the year.

Still zero snow here. And none expected anytime soon.

I easily have 20" or more on the ground and at least several more hours left of heavy snow in North Jersey.

LI (LabUnit) latest report: up to where tail begins. Probably switching to BeastUnit (BU) measurement soon.

Just got a text from some friends in Northern VA, and they have 24" of snow, and it’s still coming down.

None, though predictions this morning were for 5-8 inches.
Evidently I’m too far north.
My snowshoes and XC skis are unhappy.

FYI, a lot of you guys posting about “here” don’t have any info in your user profile of where “here” is.

North Wake county (Raleigh), NC. We got maybe 3" of sleet and an inch of snow. Some friends lost power because of accumulating ice, but we were fortunate to stay energized.

28 inches in Fairfax County VA. No plows likely for a couple of days.

That sounds hard to beat! Here’s an area breakdown that includes my son’s location:


Probably about 4" of sleet here (central NC) from yesterday, with a dusting of maybe 1/2" of snow today. Sleet froze into a solid slab overnight, which the 80-lb. beast in this house can walk on without breaking through. He’s a little freaked about that.

It could have been so much worse - no ice for us this time around. Whew.