Let's Talk The New MCU Avengers Lineup in Phase 4

This stems from a discussion I was having. The MCU is going to refresh the Avengers line up after the reset of Endgame. Like most Groups there are archetypes they need to fill. Here are some of my guesses of the archetypes and who fills them.

Archetype: New Hero (Old Hero who filled that type)

The Leader: Black Panther (Captain America/ Iron Man)

The Wise Ass: Doctor Strange. Maybe Ant-Man? (Iron Man)

The Bruiser: Captain Marvel (Hulk/Thor)

The Everyman: Spider-Man (Hawkeye). Yeah Spidey has powers but he has that perspective of a normal human caught up in amazing events.

The Spy: Not sure about this one. Wasp maybe? (Black Widow)

The Guy in the Chair: Not Sure here either (Nick Fury). Could still be Nick. Don’t know.

The Brain: Professor Hulk? Maybe Suri? (Bruce Banner/Tony Stark)

The Rookie: Don’t Know this one either. Maybe Ant Man? (Wanda)

What Archetypes did I miss? What may the roster be? What are your thoughts?

Ant-Man could also be Everyman.

In the comics, Spider-Man was always a Wise-Ass.

Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne could be Brains.

War Machine could be a Bruiser.

One thing I like about MCU Ant-Man is that he (and Spider-Man) is the only guy who seems to still think “Holy shit, this is awesome” while everyone else is all world-weary and jaded about having super powers.

Why no mention of Falcon/Sam? He’s the guy who was actually given the Captain America shield by retiring (and now presumably dead?) Cap, after all.

I don’t know how the new Cap’s character will develop. He might be Everyman, or he might be Leader. Or he might evolve from one to the other.

As of Endgame the actual Avengers are Falcon, Spiderman, Wanda, Hulk and Warmachine. Technically Hawkeye hasn’t officially retired either. Black Panther Wasp and Strange are not likely to even want to join, though maybe Ant Man would. Captain Marvel is being set up as a space hero that occasionally comes to earth like Thor. Winter Soldier would be the only one who fits the spy role, and he might be ok with being an Avenger.

I’m hoping that he will don this costume, and join the Avengers as the new Cap’s sidekick.

In the comics, didn’t Barnes take on the Captain America persona himself at one point?


I’m not sure the remaining Avengers have enough available Grade A leader types honestly. Panther has a whole country to run (as well as its new global outreach efforts) while Captain Marvel and Thor are seemingly bound for outer space adventures. Strange is largely a loner while Hawkeye is trying to retire. Falcon, Winter Soldier, and War Machine are all military types, but decidedly B level characters. Spider-Man is obviously too young, and Ant-Man isn’t serious enough. That leaves Hulk, and I’m not sure MCU Banner would want the job (or how many more movies Ruffalo will be up for.)

If they manage to bring back Black Widow, she’d be an excellent leader. Other than that, I think they need some new blood in the MCU, but it would have to be somebody who could earn respect quickly…

I know we had a bit of a teaser with Nathan Fillion as Simon Williams. Is there any reason to hope this might be developed further?


I think you may be glossing over Doctor Strange’s bit; he may lean into that ‘loner’ thing, but he also leans big into the ‘exposition’ thing. (You know, the guy who can lay out key info, and later shoot down another character’s sensible-sounding plan right when the audience might be thinking the same thing, and also hand out gear and instructions like Q in a James Bond film right around when he tasks the heroes with tailored assignments like M would; and so on.)

I think Peter Parker is the new Brain. He’s too young to be Iron Man, but he’s just right to be Tony Stark.

Spider-Man will be the new leader of the Avengers.

A little too young at this point to run the avengers.

Captain America is the leader of the Avengers, that’s not going to change just because its a different one now. Frankly I doubt we’ll see any additions to the current roster as “official” Avengers, everyone else will be a special guest.

Falcon is the new leader (Rookie, Leader slots) who has to earn everyone’s trust and becomes the leader they need him to be.

That’s what I was hoping for; it scarcely seemed worthwhile for the dying Steve Rogers to schlep all the way back to the 21st century to hand off his shield if it wasn’t a rather profoundly significant gesture.

Spidey has all of Ironman’s tech. Plus he has super human strength. Definitely, will lead the Avengers.

Tech and strength are not leadership skills. Steve Rogers was neither the strongest nor the smartest Avenger, but he was still in charge.

The Avengers have been less of a full time job, and more come together once a year to save the world type of team. It’s not an issue for Black Panther to run a country, and also lead the Avengers when Earth needs saving. The old Avengers also had other commitments.