Let's talk turkey - how many people should a 12 pound bird feed?

we’re going to get a hotel turkey for Xmas. It’s about 12 pounds. We’ll be having friends and family and not sure how many people a 12 pounder will feed. Keep in mind these will not be people that gorge on turkey. In fact, several will never have had turkey before.

Will this be enough for 10 light eaters? More, less?

Cook it dry, make a lot of potatoes and stuffing, and the sky’s the limit.

In reality, for twelve I’d up the poundage significantly. Note that some of the added weight is “broth” (water). Call a reasonable turkey at 20# so you (might) get some leftovers.

You’re in Shanghai? I couldn’t begin to guess, but I’m interested in the answer.

The Butterball site says to allow 3/4lb per person for pre-cooked frozen turkeys and 1 1/2 lbs per person for frozen stuffed birds. This is for “hearty” or “generous” (read grotesque) serves plus leftovers. So you should feed 10 and still have leftovers.

2 really fat people or 48 really skinny people.

Yep, about 12 years now.