Turkey (bird) questions.

How many people will a 19-pound turkey feed? Also, how long does a frozen turkey last? (We have a year-old frozen one in the freezer - should we chuck it?) I’m new here, so please try to be gentle.

A frozen turkey will last until you unfreeze it. Unless, of course, it wasn’t wrapped properly when first frozen. I have a turkey breast in my freezer that’s a couple years old and plan on smoking it in a few weeks. As to how many people a 19 pounder will feed…it depends on the appetite of the people involved. Probably a dozen anyway. I’ve never bothered trying to figure out how many one would feed as I always end up with a ton of leftovers anyway. :slight_smile:

Our turkey this year is 19.96 lbs, to be exact, and we are having 8 people total to eat it. I assume there will be some leftovers, which is of course the best part of Thanksgiving!

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To expand on what Exploder said, it will be SAFE to eat until you thaw and cook it. But if it was not properly wrapped there might be some deterioration. Freezer burn you know.

But if it was commercially prepared and put in the freezer as soon as you got it home I wouldn’t worry about it.

From here http://www.turkeytuesdays.ca/nw/sections/faq.htm
it says “Whole Bird: count on buying approximately one pound per person. Therefore, a 10 pound (4.5 kilogram) turkey would serve 10 people.”

When choosing a bird, I’ve always figured a pound-and-a-half per person then add a few pounds to be safe (and insure that there will be plenty of leftovers for everyone). This has always worked for me.

Thanks for your responses! Happy Thanksgiving!

Will that fit in a bong?

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