Let's tie up some loose ends (update thread)

Just as the title says, this is a place to ask for updates on things that people have posted about.

Reply, were you ever able to get a sociallife ?

Rushgeekgirl, did you hear from your daughter’s paternal grandparents (can’t find the thread for this one)?

DiosaBellissima, did you ever hear anything more about Napoleon ?

So, am I’m the only one who wants an update on anything then?


Elza B, did your husband find an Ohio job? When is the baby due?

Papsett how goes the “not this grooming job” job search.

I’ll post more if I think of any.

Oooh, I have one.

Faerie Beth, did you ever get a costume together for that Roaring '20s party that you posted about lo, this many year-and-a-half ago?

I’m a little excited- I’ve never been singled out in a thread. Yay!

Anywho, I never heard anything about the little monster. I’ve seen some little dogs in the neighborhood that look suspiciously like the lil’ guy being walked, but that’s about it.

He was a cute dude, I’m sure he either found his old home or he found someone else to care for him. Maybe he’ll learn not to run out under fences again!

Thanks for thinking of me:). I was actually thisclose to posting a rant because I’m so frustrated. He’s still looking, unfortunately. He keeps getting all of these great leads, following up on them, calling people, etc., and nothing seems to be panning out. We think there’s one guy who really does want to hire him, but the jobs just aren’t opening up. It’s frustrating because his unemployment is out in 2 1/2 months, and the baby is technically due in three and a half weeks (although, based on my contractions and cramping, I have a feeling he’s coming within the next 2 weeks). If nothing happens in the next month or so, he’s going to look in Virginia, which should be easier, as we have more contacts there.

Every time I feel like something good’s about to happen, I get shoved back on my butt, so I’m trying to stop getting my hopes up at all.


I’m so glad you started this thread, because otherwise I probably never would’ve remembered to ask matt_mcl to tell his friend Drew’s Two Million Dollar Sex Toy story. So what’s the story, matt?

That couple from Barbados came to visit again and I saw them at the bar. I said to the wife, “I tried calling, but with the 666 region code, all I could get was Bealzabub.” She screwed up her face and said, “I didn’t give you that, did I?” “No,” I said. She nodded, looked over at the hubby and shook her head. We didn’t talk much, but I did have closure.

I’m sure you were all dying to know.

I’d like to know how Nature’s Call’s fight with Union Energy went.

Did “Aunt Flow” work out something w/ her landlady, consult a lawyer, or just skip out on her lease? I’m guessing the latter, but I’d like to be wrong.

Hopefully she stood up for herself instead of “being nice” and getting the doormat treatment. I had to unsubscribe to that thread because it was too painful to watch her get walked all over.

Thanks for the update. I hope he found a good home.

Oy ya yoy. This story. Drew is probably so sick of me telling/forcing him to tell this story. He told this to a big group of us the first time I met him and I knew instantly that I had to be his friend.

The squeamish sould avert their eyes now.

Anyhow. Drew is a biochemist and works for a pharmaceutical company. One day they had some very intense scientific equipment under repair. I can never remember what it was - magnetic resonance or some damn thing. Anyway it reacts badly with metal in some way, so there was a sign on the door saying that people with pacemakers, artificial limbs, etc., should not enter the room, as the machine was being operated with its protective shielding removed.

Drew needs to get something in the supply closet on the other side of that room, so he goes in and walks through the room. Partway through he pauses, hearing a strange humming noise. Oh, that’s odd, he thinks. Then the noise gets louder.

And he starts to feel a … tingle. Down there. And it’s getting more and more intense. And pleasurable. EXTREMELY pleasurable. But in fairly short order, it starts to get painful. More and more painful - too-much-of-a-good-thing painful.

And he doesn’t remember what happens after that. Suddenly he’s on the floor, with people around him, asking him, Oh, my god, do you have a pacemaker, what is it, etc. But he feels okay. He starts to get up, and then feels something sticky in his trousers.

Drew, you see, has everything -

everything -


They didn’t think to list piercings along with pacemakers and artificial limbs, but apparently the unshielded equipment reacted with the metal in his piercings much as they would have with either of those things. And apparently, his piercings… had resonated.

And vibrated.

Drew rapidly excuses himself to the bathroom and is desperately trying to wash his underwear in the sink, when a co-worker walks in. “It’s not what you think!” Drew blurts. And within an hour the story is being recounted throughout the entire company.

And that is the story of how Drew involuntarily masturbated with a two-million-dollar sex toy.

You know I see a market here. Magnetic resonance, you say?

Oh, man, now I want to be Drew’s friend, too. That’s hilarious.

Am I the only one who has had that ad gnome’s voice spring unbidden to mind? “Ooo tingly!

Well I do now. Thanks a lot.

Elza B, thanks for the update. I’m sorry things haven’t come together for you yet.

The offer on ElzaHub’s resume stands, though. Good luck with your little one.