Let's try this again: I found me a hat!

I didn’t realise the hamsters ate the other one before I came back today, so here goes…

I usually look horrible in hats. Because I wear classes, any hats I wear make me look weird and bloaty, especially with my pudgy face. So, in the winter, I’d rather let my head freeze than to wear a hat that’ll make me look like the boogey woman. But yesterday, I actually found a nice hat that doesn’t make me look too bad. It’s fuzzy and blue, and it doesn’t warp my hair.

Now, I’ll have a nice warm head instead of a cold, hair flying all over the place head when winter comes.

Whoo hoo.

You’re a girl?

Wow, you must be really strong!


I have a Soviet Navy Officer’s Ushanka. (No, I’m not a girl; but I like the looks of the one on the page!) It’s too warm here to wear it.

“Your tea, Captain Ramius?”

Yes, No Clue Boy, I’m a girl… was there any idication that I was anything but? :confused: I’ve always thouht my posts were pretty girly. :stuck_out_tongue:

:smack: Nothing like the SDMB to correct every typo eh? No, really, I appreciate it. I’d rather have spelling nazis than people who type “you” as “u” and seeing “lol” plastered everywhere. I, of course, meant glasses. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a camo green, army surplus, fuzz lined hat with ear/neck flaps. It looks butt ugly, but it’s waterproof and has saved me when it snowed or when I forget to bring my umbrella.

I wear I black knitted beret that I can pull down over my ears. I have reached the age where I value warmth over fashion forwardness.

I never wore gloves nor a hat, even wih the minus40 degrees celcius. Occasionaly wore a scarf that’s about it.

I’ll admit to having thought you were a young guy, too, 7 up - the name just reminds me of my friends from high school. Sorry.

I love hats. I used to think I looked awful in hats - and I do in symmetrical ones like baseball caps and such; they make my features look plain and somehow accentuate my already-large nose. But then I discovered the wonders of vintage ladies’ hats, and now my hat rack is overflowing.

I have a brown aged corduroy bomber jacket with shearling and satin lining. I want to get a new winter hat to go with it, and I’m tempted to get one of those old leather aviator’s caps like Snoopy wore as a World War One Flying Ace… and goggles like Rocket J. Squirrel!

My current chapeau du jour is a black Stetson Downs Fedora. (Scroll down for image.) It whips major boutay.

I usually wear baseball style caps, either solid colour or a print, in summer and a touqe or sort of felt hat that I got from the dollar store.

Or a bike helmet!