I just can't get into wearing hats

If it’s sunny, I’ll wear sunglasses. If it’s cold, I’ll wear a jacket or sweater with a hood. But I just can’t get into wearing anything on my head. It seems pointless at best and annoying at worst.

I don’t like hats, either, but I have to wear them in summer since I’m prone to sunstroke. On the plus side, though, I do have a hat face - they usually look good on me. :slight_smile:

You both must have an ample supply of hair. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing’s worse than a bad sunburn on top of your head.

(well, lots of things are worse, but you know what I mean…)

I love hats. I have a nice collection of baseball caps for summer, and for the winter I use some hats I’ve bought over the years. I especially love the Italian hat I bought in Paris. I’m also branching out with summer hats – I have a Shaker-style hat I picked up at Hancock Shaker Village that I love – nice wide brim.

Hats with a brim or visor are better than sunglasses in keeping the sun out of your eyes (I wore hats for years before I started using sunglasses). With baseball caps, I love weird logos like the Islander’s “Fish Sticks” hat I have, or the New York Americans cap.

I love hats too. I wish I had been around in the 30s and 40s when everyone wore a proper hat, instead of a baseball cap. I have a few baseball caps, but after seeing how stupid Mike Rowe looks wearing one in those Ford commericals I think I’m gonna give it up :slight_smile:

I used to hate hats until I went into the military. Not having a choice in the matter made me very used to wearing one. And now that I’m a civilian again I feel naked. I just can’t find the right hat, though.

Yeah, I’m not big on hats either. I usually wear my hair up so that a hat would make me look both half-bald and like my head was misshapen. Plus, I think I have a big head.

The thing I’m working on is rings. I got a puzzle ring for Christmas and I really love it, but it rubs and itches and I end up only being able to wear it for short periods of time. which is a pain because it falls apart when I take it off unless I hold it very carefully. So I can’t stick it in my pocket and easily put it back on later. So I’m going to have to get used to it if I ever want to wear the stupid thing.

I loves me my Panama hat. Of course, I don’t have a lot of hair up top.

I’m with the OP. In fact, when I’m acting (I do occassional theatre, my degree (recieved in a younger, more foolish time) is in theatre) I kind of like it when my characters wear a hat (most of mine had, including my upcoming one) because then I find it easier to act, if I had a hat, I’m [character] because he’d always wear a hat. If I don’t, I’m dhkendall, because he never wears a hat. Makes it easy to stay in character, to me the character is vested in the hat.

It’s a running joke between me and my boyfriend that whenever we go to a family function, his brother will be wearing a baseball cap. My boyfriend supposes that his brother has yet to come to terms with his bald spot. :smiley: Honestly, though, I’m not really sure if I’d recognize him without one.

I looooooooooove hats. The only problem is that I have only one head, which means I can only wear one hat at a time.

(well, I suppose nothing’s stopping me from wearing multiple hats, but that would look kinda dumb)

I’m another who love hats. I only wish it were back in the day when hat wearing was more common place so that I could get away with wearing one all the time.