Let's update the traditional rye bread package, okay?

Me again.
I realize there are some really staunch conservatives out there, but this would really be a change for the better. Why the bakers continue to give us the same old, impossible to reclose, package I don’t understand. Except that maybe a vocal minority would cry their puppy dog tears of fear. Remember the Saran Wrap fiasco?
Anyway, how many of you would be upset if bread bakeries were to switch to ordinary packaging like they use for all the other types of bread?
Look here for pictures if you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about. Click “products” then “whole grain”.

What are you taking about? Around these parts all bread whether from a commerical company or from a grocery store bakery comes in a package like that.

You need to scroll all the way over to the right to see the packaging. There is no outer bag that can be resealed. I agree with you totally, mangeorge. My husband likes rye bread for sandwiches sometimes, and I usually have to divide the loaf and put it in zip bags.

Ohhh I see it now. Yeah they do package the mini rye like that for spinach dip and such.

I agree Ziploc is the only way to deal with that.

The Oroweat guys are all sitting around wondering why they’re getting 5000 hits on their website. I couldn’t get the pictures to load, but I know what you’re talking about.

There must be some reason besides tradition that they wrap it like that, right?? I can’t remember what brand it is, but the rye bread I buy is wrapped in the plastic and then put in the standard bread bag.

You are asking why a company called Bimbo Bakeries can’t keep the clothing on its rye?

Is this a whoosh?

Nooo. Is this a whoosh?

As a regular eater of rye bread, I wholeheartedly concur. I haven’t eaten any other bread besides rye for so long that I had forgotten that normal bread comes in a resealable bag, and if they’d package rye that way I wouldn’t have to hoard vegetable bags from the supermarket to wrap my rye after opening.
What the heck is with that? Get with the program, rye bread packaging people!

I’ve emailed Oroweat, a major supplier of rye bread around here, from their website asking them to address this mystery.
I’ll post back if I get an answer.

I brought up this same subject a couple of months ago and all the responses labeled it a non issue, claiming that their rye bread had a closable bag. I agree w/ the OP though, I always lose part of the rye loaves due to drying out and going stale. Most brands still use the cellophane wrapper on rye and some other specialty breads, I don’t understand the reason for it, if there is one. Some brands do add a second plastic closable wrapper, but this seems a waste.
I’d be interested in hearing any reponse you get.

No, seriously, one of the major bread suppliers in the SoCali/Vegas area is named Bimbo’s. I snicker every time I see one of the trucks, but they do make good (commercial) bread.