Letter about Hispanic students in Glendale spurs controversy

Anyone here from Arizona? It is pretty worrying if the attitudes reported here by the teacher are prevalent. The comments section is interesting, ranging from suggestions the letter is made up, to “he’s a Nazi bigot”, to people suggesting it squares with their experiences.




Bull, This is republican land, and of people defending very controversial laws. It does stretch reason to claim that he did not mention that behavior in the report because of political correctness. Even in the school where I am, with many Latinos, if a student does not say the pledge it would get him or her in trouble. Same also for attempting to speak in Spanish, oh yes they try, but they get dinged for doing that also.

I knew the name Sylvia Allen sounded familiar. And lo and behold, she inspired this thread.

The thing is, you don’t have to say the pledge, and some white people are racist.

Oh well.

And you seem to be missing the wood for the trees. The concern is the attitudes of these students and to what extent they reflect views in the mexican community.

Your worried Mexican Highschool students are going to revolt Wolverines style and take back the SouthWest for Mexico? I’m pretty confident thats not going to happen.

(That said, that would be a much better idea for the remake of Red Dawn then the stupid idea of having N. Korea invade that they actually went with)

I think you’re all missing the point. Elementary students misbehaved around a substitute teacher.

Why is this a big deal again? We don’t have anything better to do? Really? Politicians have nothing else going on? Oh wait. They’re mexicans. Mexican students misbehaved around a substitute teacher. That’s way closer to a mountain than a molehill.

Somewhere in Hollywood, someone’s going :smack:

I know, for all the scare-mongering about Mexican kids not assimilating, they seem to have stumbled upon the American tradition of running rough-shod over the substitute teacher pretty quickly.

Course when I was in school, the sub usually went to get the Principal to scare us all into behaving, instead of trying to find a State Senator (!) to deal with the problem.

Once again, students prove their uncanny ability to find a person’s buttons and push them.

Oh yeah? How would you like it if Hitler slaughtered your family!?!?

Maybe she can work out her frustrations by tearing the pages out of some Koran Bibles.

So if Arizona was taken over by a bunch of 10-year-old Mexican gangsters, would they really do much worse than the current government?

I am completely unsurprised that Chen019 is freaking out about this, given that he is a giant fricken racist. I am surprised you are not raping science or selectively taking results from the 1800s to say something about Mexican-American kids.

I am also completely unsurprised that students jerked their substitute around. I don’t envy his job at all, but he handled it dumb.

You know, it used to be I would ‘joke’ that if I ever traveled outside of the US, I would tell people I was Canadian. Now I’m going to have to tell people I’m from California* when I travel within the US. :frowning: I swear, we’re not all rabid, racist, tea-party members.

*Technically true as that is where I was born and lived for 29 years.

To what extent do the views of fifth graders reflect those of any community? Also, I think you mean the Mexican-American community.