Letterman becoming a father TODAY?!

Paul Schaeffer is hosting Late Show tonight. He’s said a couple of times that Dave is at the hospital, waiting for his baby to be born.

Wow, I didn’t realize it would happen so soon. It hasn’t been very long since he announced his impending fatherhood. I guess I was thinking that Dave and the mom had only just found out themselves and that she was only a couple of months along.

I can’t wait to hear Dave describe the experience of holding his child for the first time. Wiseass though he is, he always manages to handle serious situations in just the right way, with the right sense of awe and wonder and a way of expressing himself that is very direct and honest and touching.

Anyone else have any news on this?

I predict baby jokes for a record 17 weeks. 18 on leno.

Tangent, I heard that when Dave made the announcement, she was already 6 months along.

Best of luck to them. I hope Dave has the good taste not to parade the baby around in front of the cameras, a la Kathie Lee Gifford.