Letters T-O-Y-O-T-A in the Toyota emblem

Kinda like the arrow in FedEx - completely coincidental and once you (or, at least I see it, I can’t not see it anymore).

Has anyone else seen all 6 letters of the word Toyota in their emblem?

Do you mean the letters in the first of these emblems?

Sure. Everyone else thinks I’m crazy though. And I admit that it’s a creative enough interpretation of the “letters” that it might not have been intentional.

I’ve always tried to find letters in shapes, though (and equations in license plates). Saturnhad me stymied for the longest time - years - until one day I realized it wasn’t a stylized cursive S with the top out of frame like my brain wanted it to be, but a line drawing of the planet Saturn. :smack:

Yeah, that!

Am I ahead of the curve on seeing this, or so far behind that I just think I’m in front?

Yeah, it is a tad creative with the T and the Y are essentially the same.

I’m glad to hear that someone else sees it, even if they are called crazy :slight_smile:

The Montreal Expos logo has M E B (Montreal Expos Baseball) in it. Can you spot them? :slight_smile:

If it makes you feel any better, it was several years before I got that about the Saturn logo, too. :smack:

I was forbidden-ed from seeing your link, but I did a google search and saw the M with the E and the B. I hadn’t noticed that before. Were those letters intentional?

Nothing coincidental about it…

I think so. The “fact” that the letters exist in the logo is listed on Wikipedia as coming from the 1997 Expos Media Guide, so I would say that it was done intentionally and not some sort of secret.

I always thought that the Detroit Tigers logo could spell out “Detroit” in a weird way, but I’m wrong - it’s just a stylized D and nothing more.

I’m not really seeing the A unless I really WANT to see it. Likewise with the Y.

I see things weird, I’m always looking for this stuff. Toyota I saw, but then there’s two of them in my driveway, so it’s been right there for me.

First time I saw a Saturn in the showroom, I asked the sales guy, so that was a cheat.

You know that optical illusion with the two women’s faces and the lamp? I look for those kinds of things all time and the arrow came into view, but not until pretty recently.

And, Why Not I do the equations in license plate numbers too!

Great minds, etc… :wink:

It took me a few years as a kid to finally have that “A-HA” moment when I saw the M and the B in the Brewers logo

The A is the biggest stretch, because all you have available to make the sides end up continuing on to fill out the circle. So you kinda have to ignore the fact that the lines representing the / and \ dont just stop at the appropriate spot for an A.

I thought the Y was the easiest of them, actually. It just has an extra wide vertical component.


I’ve written on this Board about the revelation (to me) that, in addition to half of a happy face, the Goodwill logo is a lowercase “g.”

I’m horrible at spotting these things. When I was a kid I thought the New York Yankees insignia was some sort of Chinese character or something – and that one isn’t even trying to be subtle. :smack:

I have always loved that old Brewers logo. I am glad they are bringing it back some, with a lot of retro gear. Both my hubby and son have the old style brewer caps. To me that was the best use of two letters in a logo…ever! It helps that we are big Brewer fans too.

I still have my 82’ McDonalds place mats with all the players; Yount, Molitor, Gantner, Cooper, Oglive, Thomas, Fingers…

I have the same ones!!! That was the first year I went to a game too.