Letting History Make Fun of the 2000 GOP Platform

This is in the Pit because there’s no debate here, just great amusement. I’d like to present (drumroll) the best of the 2000 GOP platform!

First, a few words on the party’s overall direction:

On Fiscal Responsibility:

On Privacy in the Information Age:

On Individual Responsibility:

Sometimes, a header says it all:

On Diversity:

On the War on Drugs:

OK, this one really was overtaken by events:

You can say that again:

On Health Care:

On Energy Policy:

On Political Reform:

More in a subseqent post.

Wow. Credit where credit is due — that’s some great stuff, RT. Your arrow has landed right in the heart of their deceit and treachery. Kudos to you for uncovering what amounts to massive and unabashed fraud. Not to mention hubris.


Left out the link to the 2000 GOP platform.

Just so y’all can see I’m not making it up.

RTFirefly, why do you hate America?


'Cause I’m eeeeeeeeeeevil. :smiley:

Chit, Arty, that ain’t diddly! You want to see a platform that will really curl your hair, you should see the Texas GOP Platform for 2000


(Warning: the easily alarmed, Canadians, etc. are advised to go no further!. This is not for the squemish or easily terrified! You are warned!..)

Some droll notes:

“The Supreme Court should not be allowed to decide the constitutionality of laws regarding abortion, religion, or anything else related to the Bill of Rights…”

“…Gays should be treated like child molesters and should not be allowed to visit children unsupervised…”

“…The Biblical story of creation should be taught in science classes…”

“…Social Security should be abolished, the federal income tax should be abolished, the federal minimum wage should be abolished…”

You think I’m kidding, and I wish I were. Boy, good thing these guys don’t have any real power, sensible men like Tom DeLay (R, Undead) are in charge…

elucidator, that’s a fairly loaded link, as well as quite disingenious.

Here’s a link directly to the Texas GOP 2000 platform, not a summary thereof:

Munch, as a recovering Texan, believe me, no one could be happier than I to have your version be the truth, as it is considerably less alarming.

And, as I recall, there was some fooforaw about what was an official platform and what was not, but its hazy…

So what the hell. You’re right, I’m wrong, and the Texas Pubbies are not nearly as much a bunch of troglodytic knuckle-walkers as I feared.

Goody! My day is made!

If it is true, how is it disingenuous?

Are we to overlook the glaringly horrible things for a few things that are more sane?


Yes but 9/11 changed everything. :rolleyes:

/going to punch the next person that says “in a post 9/11 world”

First off, it’s not true - that’s why it’s disingenuous. Please, find me where 'luci’s quoted bullet points are published word for word in my link.

I’m not suggesting we’re to overlook anything - in fact, I’m urging us *not * to “overlook the glaringly horrible things” by directing folks away from a mis-summarized listing of points and towards the actual points. I’m just saying that the bullet points elucidator posted were not, in fact, directly from the Texas GOP 2000 platform, and should not be misconstrued as such. Looking at their actual platform, I can’t find a single plank I remotely agree with, but why leave such a glaring target for someone to hang their 10-gallon hat on in trying to prove us wrong?

And here’s just a small sample of what you can find there!

You couldn’t make it up, folks. It’s the Republican Party line in Texas.

On National Security:

On Military Overstretch:

On Intelligence:

On Defense Against the Threats of the Post-Cold War Era:

And then it goes on and on at great length about the need for a missile defense.

On Proliferation:

On Trade:

On Europe:

On Russia:

On the Middle East and Oil:

Guess the influence that comes from friendship wasn’t very helpful.

On Iraq:

The Iraqi National Congress was Chalabi’s outfit.

Ah. Well, let’s have a little looksie at the Texas GOP platform, shall we?

Well, that’s certainly much different than the summary. It must have been taken out of context.

Again…vastly different from the summary. Wow, those evil libruhls won’t stop with their lies and blatant misrepresentations of the noble Texas GOP’s positions.

Nope, nothing to see in this platform. Move along.

Nope, no looniness here. Keep on moving.


I swear, the next filthy, left-wing, commie, America-hating pussy liberal who tries to imply that the Texas GOP is anything except the height of modern enlightenment is going to get a swift kick in the butt from me.

The Texas GOP platform for 2004(PDF). This is about as official as it gets, from the TexasGOP website.

So, the thing about “the biblical story of creation” seems fairly exaggerated(even in the original 2000 document it did not call for the subject to be taught, just that teachers should be allowed to teach it if they felt so inclined). The bit about Social Security seems scaremongering, an orderly transition to a more privatized system, as stated in both the '04 and '00 platforms, is a bit different than yanking the rug as the synopsis implied. The stance on Federal taxes seems more accurately summarized as “huge reform” rather than “abolishment”.

Places where the summary was accurate would be the party’s stance on homosexuality and minimum wage laws.

As always, the source documents should be consulted over some bloggers summaries. Also the pedigree of the source should be considered. The 2000 platform the summary was based off of is not readily available in the library section of the TexasGOP website and the “Republican Leadership Council of Texas” website on which it is found is no longer maintained. Still, some of the names on the platform committees for both documents are the same and this gives creedance to the idea that the 2000 platform document is genuine.

And, as with anything, this document can objectively only be said to represent the ideals of those individuals with direct input into its creation. These names are listed at the top of the document as the “platform committee”. They may have attempted to capture their perceptions of widespread ideals among Texas Republicans, but this document is not necessarially representative of Texas Republicans as a whole. Even the candidates do nothing more than sign a statement that they have read the document, it is not a binding pledge of conduct and does not bind a representative to advocate those views in their offices.


Neurotik, do you feel better now? Care to take a look at the rest of my posts in this thread and see that I actually agree with you, and not the GOP platform?

To the first question, yes.

To the second question, I’ve already used up my searching energy and will take your word for it.

…because I’ve already done so.

Have at it, guys.

Thanks. I didn’t want to sound huffy - but I’ve been having a discussion with my very conservative friend over the tone of the current campaign season. I think both parties should be held to a higher standard, simply and most basely because it makes your opponent justify their stance based on their merits, not your faults. Too often have people claimed victory by simply pointing out a nitpicky detail rather than decontruct an issue in their favor.

Fucking ouch, RT. Very nice work.