Lexx fans?

Um… would any of you care to explain the show to me? It comes on quite late here and I get about half way to two thirds through an episode. Seems interesting enough, if a bit weird. But I don’t quite get it.

Here is about all I know.
[li]The Lexx is their spaceship. [/li][li]The Lexx is alive. [/li][li]The Lexx gets hungry, needs to eat (?) before it can move on.[/li][li]Stanley is the captain of the Lexx. [/li][li]Stanley was the captain of the Lexx, but now Xev seems to have the ‘key’. [/li][li]Kai is dead. [/li][li]Kai is so dead he cannot be killed, destroyed or written off the show. [/li][li]Xev is hot. [/li][li]790 is a robot head, in love with Kai, and would be a drag queen if given the chance. [/li][li]They weren’t always stuck between Water and Fire planets, but they have been for a while. [/li][li]Prince is a bad man with a serious case of the Rutger Hauers. [/li][li]Xev is hot.[/li][li]Many things seem to run through the theme of the show. What, I don’t know, which is the reason for this post. [/li][/ul]
So, Lexx fans and those who know someone who is. Care to fill in some missing details? Does the Lexx eat planets? Why are these three roaming space eating and destroying planets? Who did Stanley do what to to get the key? What is Kai doing along? What is Xev’s reason for being there? 790? Just how did these four come together? Does anyone on the ship like Stanley? Was it me or did they just nuke Fire/hell and water/heaven to see that Earth was on the other side of the star? Sure looked like Earth. Geeze… explanations needed!
In need of a Lexxicon.

As one of the few lexx fans on the boards (that I’m aware of), I’ll do my best to answer. Warning, this is gonna be hella long.

It is wierd. That’s probably part of it’s appeal (that and all the innedo, or that it’s not PC like Star trek has to a almost disgusting degree become ).

Okay, it sounds like you came in during the middle of 3rd season, so I can completely understand you being confused.

The first season was a series of TV movies that were originally seen on Showtime a couple years ago under the title “Tales from a parallel universe”, but is basically lexx. During the season, we are introduced to the universe they inhabit.

At the beginning, Kai is a young man part of a race of romantic warrior poets (who once saved humanity from a race of insects who wanted to destroy humanity, during the INSECT WARS), who is seen leading a dozen of his fellow comrades againest a large spaceship led by his divine shadow (A Dictator who’s rule will eventually span most of the light universe as an orwellian theocracy(well, in the way that everyone worships him)). All are killed in the attempt and their planet, Brunis 2, is destroyed and kai is killed personaly by his divine shadow and turned into an undead cyborg assasin in as a means of ironic punishment.

2000 years later, His Divine shadow(HDS) rules the league of 20,000 worlds(as mentioned before) and Stanly Tweedle, once a courier for the resistance called the Astral B Heritics, is now a lowely security guard on an Asteriod called the Cluster that serves as HDS capitol. Zev is a fat, rather ugly, woman who is a prisoner because she upset her husband-to-be, brought to the cluster for her sentence to be carried out.

On a fateful day,the rebel leader, Thodin, is brought to trial on the cluster before his execution, while stan is sentenced to be killed because he pissed off his supervisor. Thodin attempts to escape, but due to an unintentional blunder by stanley, the escape goes slightly awry and all hell breaks loose. Thodin escapes with some of his comrades, along with some cluster lizards who proceed to eat their way though most of the guards (and a lot of workers and “innocent” people as well). Xev, who is sentenced to become a love slave (a beatiful babe with no mind of her own, set to fall in love with the first person she seeds). A cluster lizard butts in and Xev has her DNA combined with it, so becomes not only beatiful, but also very agressive (and gets to do some cool tricks). She escapes, while The robot performing the operation loses his head (literally) and gets the brainwashing. It(790)sees her, falls in love with her and follows her.

They meet up with stan and using 790’s interfaces and Xev’s Cluster lizard genes, manage to bypass security and cluster lizards before stumbling into the special projects area, where His divine shadow is preparing his secret weapon, the LEXX, for launch. Soonafter, Kai, with no memory of his former self and who takes orders only from HDS, is sent after them. They meet up with the rebels, most of whom are killed, and after a breif meeting with kai, who kills thodin, enter the LEXX and stanley accidently procures the “key” from a dying rebel.

Stan, Xev and 790 hijack the ship and leave the cluster, heading for the frontier. They are chased by HDSs fleet, are breifly threatened by Kai, who has snuck aboard, but soon regains his memory. They pass through a rift in space into the dark zone(The dark zone is a parallel dimension to the light universe, which HDS rules. HDS does not rule the dark zone, so it is refered to as a “place of evil and depravity”), hoping to escape HDS, but a followed by the fleet, which is destroyed by LEXX(at first, it refuses to fire on HDS’s military, but losses it’s memory when it goes through the rift, so fires back in self defense). HDS shadow confronts them, but with the help of Stan and Xev, Kai kills HDS and they begin to look for a new home in the dark zone.

The next 3 movies have they jaunting around the dark zone, but eventually go back to the light universe and the cluster to find kai some more proto-blood(a substance Kai uses as a fuel of shorts), only to find a deserted cluster, which has been “cleansed” of human life by what’s left of HDS. They eventually kill HDS by fleeing to the dark zone, but he unkowningly pocesses kai, and they end the first season going out to find a new home.

Season 2 has the crew in dark zone, but they soon return to the light universe, with possessed kai making an excuse of going back for more protoblood. It turns out protoblood comes from insects(like those who they fault the war againest), so they get a specimin. They visit a stranded Divine Order scientist named mantrid (who is missing most of his body), but due to an accident, Mantrid becomes a hybrid of Insect, HDS essence(which leaves kai and goes into mantrid’s machine) and machine, which escapes unkown to the Lexx crew. The crew spend most of season 2 flying around the light zone, looking for either a home or fun stuff to do(as well as places to get laid). Most of the time they are almost killed. Sometimes they destory planets, but these planets are very rarely home to human life.

They eventually learn that not only did mantrid escape, he has created an army of drone arms, which have the ability to decontruct matter and make it into more drone arms (using a form of nanotechnology). With these, he converts most of the universe into mantrid drones, all of which he controls (during most of season 2, every place they visit is consumed by drones shortly after they leave). They eventually destory him at the end of season 2, but the light universe is destoryed and they are thrown into the dark zone in the process.

At the beginning of season 3, It is soon realized that the LEXX is low on food/fuel and there are no planets around(there has to be organic material on them for the lexx to eat). Since there is no way to know how long that will take to find one, the crew and LEXX(Which drifts) go to sleep. Aprox. 4000 years later, the LEXX is caught in the orbit of fire and water. They are boarded by Prince and some of his men from Fire, who kidnap Xev and Stan, throw 790 off the bridge, smashing him. Later Kai wakes up, fixes 790 (who promptly falls in love with Kai) and goes to find Xev and Stan. Season 3 is set pretty much on and around Fire and Water, since they can’t leave orbit till the last episode or 2.

Season 4 takes place on and around earth.

I hope that answers your questions.

Rhythmdvl you may want to check out this site http://lexx.com/.

I also recommend you to try to find copies of the first season. There are some rather nice shower scenes there that are absolutely essential to understanding the plot of the entire series. :smiley:

HPL isn´t Xev called Zev or vice versa in the earlier episodes and they changed the name when a new hot babe got the role?

Zev was season 1, played by the babeliscious Eva Habermann.
Xev was after season 1, played by the foxy Xenia Seeberg.

Of course both actresses were cast for their superior acting ability…

You’re right, but I forget in the midst of that really long rant.

I can’t say I’m a real fan, but the show did provide some of the most bizarre, grotesque satire I’ve seen on tv.

I may be fat and ugly, but I’m no woman…

Zev Steinhardt

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm… Lexx

I have season 1 on VHS, season 2 on DVD, and have season 3 on my wishlist at Amazon. I was so sad when the show ended :frowning: :frowning:

Lexx is one of my favorite shows of all time. Watch it. Learn it. Love it.

I like Xev better than Zev… but I can’t decide whether I like Xev or Kai better… I fantasize about both of them.

A while back I made a wallpaper of Kai… need to do one for Xev still…


Ahhh… Lexx; the show where you find out if Zev’s carpet matches her drapes!
Answer: It does! :eek:

I’d be on that girl faster than >insert witty metaphor here<

Two quick questions:

  1. What’s the deal with the carrot drones? I don’t get it.

  2. Xev is super-hot.

The carrots are a… err… wait I can’t tell you that. It’s a spoiler. Have you been watching long enough to know about the Mantrid drones? The flying arm things?

Anyway, the carrots leap up people’s butts and work their way up to their heads, where they pop an eye out the person’s forehead and control their mind.

And yet you’ve all forgotten the most important thing of all about Lexx.

Kai is hot.

Very, very hot.

Give me an episode entitled “Kai walks around talking to himself for an hour” and I’ll be perfectly content.

I will concur wholeheartedly that yes, by Og, Kai is insanely hot. And Zev/Xev ain’t chopped liver neither. (gorgeous wallpaper, by the way, Opal … just put the one of Xev up on my computer to help ‘encourage’ the friend who’ll be over later to fix my network :smiley: ) I’d watch a show of Kai trimming his toenails while Xev picked her teeth. Mm.

(Yeah, I know … “The dead do not trim their toenails.”)

When the Sci-Fi channel originally started airing Lexx, they didn’t adjust the schedule for the different time zones … resulting in Lexx being shown at 7pm here on the West Coast. Definitely not a show you want your kids stumbling upon after dinner. I’ll bet this is one of the main reasons they started splitting for time zones.

Kai has some of the best lines.

And the Season 2 episode “Twilight” does have a bit of Kai walking around and reciting strange poetry.

“The wheel, it turns, it rolls around. It makes an Ancient…RUMMMBLING sound”.

“The dead do not poo.”

If you like Kai (Michael McManus) you should get the movie Speaking Parts ( http://us.imdb.com/Title?0098368 ) which he stars in.

There is one scene where he and this woman are teleconferencing after hours and masturbating. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah. He plays a hotel housekeeping employee who sleeps with guests for money :slight_smile:

Couldn’t agree more. How couldn’t anyone else reply to this topic for so long???

Found out about Lexx this year. Can you believe it?
I’ve been saving the last 10 episodes and S3’s finale because it’s all so incredible.

I’ve never found a sci-fi show as creative and consistently entertaining as this. Absolutely incredible sci-fi.

  1. We usually make new topics after a certain amount of time.

  2. Opal, who you responded to(agreed with), died awhile back. It’s OK, you didn’t know.

  3. Bye, Opal!

Oh, and I did like Lexx when it was on. Not the best show on TV by any means, but not the worst by a long shot.

Lexx is available on DVD on Netflix (apparently all 4 seasons). I have also seen it there for streaming.