Lexx Question

I’ve recently started getting into the show. I have a fair understanding of what is going on and who the main characters are as I saw some of the earlier episodes. The only person I have no idea about is Prince. Who the hell is he and what exactly makes him such a threat besides being evil and manipulative?

Prince was the leader of Fire. Last season Lexx was stuck orbiting these two planets, Fire and Water. They had just spent several thousand years asleep and Lexx was very very hungry and unable to do much. Fire was an evil planet, Water was good. Prince had tried to trick Stanley into blowing up Water so that he could win the war between the two planets. Xev was in love with him for awhile.

Oh 2 more things.
Xev, or is it Zev? Well she was tricked into loving Prince.

And if you do get into the series please note that it was originally some made for TV movie series on some cable channel called “Tales From A Parallel Universe” there about 4 or 5 of those.

I’m ashamed that I know this, but…

Zev was the original heroine of the made-for-TV movie series. She had blue hair and a white dress. She died, and the rest of the Lexx crew cloned a replacement. Apparently they’re as bad at cloning as they are at everything else, because the replacement (whose name is pronounced the same way but is spelled “Xev”) is obviously a completely different person.

You know, I want very badly to watch this show because of Xev, but I’ll be damned if I can be interested in it at all. I can’t believe this has been on for more than one season!

Yep, and the series finale is next week. So if you want to get into it, hurry!

Actually, it wasn’t the crew. It was Lyekka(The season 2 lyekka), who is a plant who can shapeshift to look like other creatures(makes it easier to get close to them and eat them).

She felt bad for Stan’s loss (Namely Zev getting killed in the pervious ep.) and decided to help him by taking the bowl of organic material that was all that was left of her, using the protein from her previous meals, and stan’s description. The result: A new Xev. (And yes, they do notice she looks quite different).

Granted, it’s an interesting way to bring back the same character played by a different actress.

The original TV movies are “I Worship His Shadow,” “Supernova,” “Eating Pattern,” and “Gigashadow,” though I’m not entirely sure what order they go in. They’re available fairly cheaply on VHS, and the Sci-Fi channel replays them in order from time to time.

The thing about Lexx is that it’s an acquired taste. Some people watch an episode and go, “People watch this crap?” Especially if the one they watch is one of the more esoteric ones. I personally am addicted to the bloody thing, and not just because Xenia Seeberg (Xev) and Michael McManus (Kai) are on my Hot Lists.

Prince is a decliciously evil bastard. By all means, rent (or wait for Sci-Fi to show) some of the Fire/Water episodes, that’ll explain a lot of his style. He’s about the only SF villain I know who could out-bastard Scorpius from Farscape.

For me it’s…

A.) The Wierdness. (For me, wierd is good. Too wierd is not in my vocabulary)

B.) The somewhat epic storyline.

C.) No Bull**** prime directive that the characters claim to adore and yet will violate when it suits them, only to take the moral high ground when others break it (Capt. Janeway I’m looking in your direction).

D.) No techobabble.

E.) Politically Incorrect.

He’s one of my favorite villians from a TV show. Sure, he’s an evil bastard, but he admits it with pride as well.

I feel the same way about reality and game shows.

Seriously, it’s an aquired taste. I found it very wierd the first few times I saw it, but it grew on me.

Not sure why. Probably because it was so much different then every sci-fi show I’d seen up till then (or now, for that matter). Very wierd, but I like wierd. I get far too many doses of reality in normal life.

That and the fact it’s still fairly underground. Few if any people(That I’ve met) have ever heard of it. Which is good in the way that you never see anyone on the street or at Sci-fi conventions(or if they do, they’re a minority) who dress like Kai or His Divine Shadow(though I have to admit HDS has a really kewl robe).


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