LGBT Terminology Question: A "Trans Man" Is:

One of those ubiquitous Buzzfeed questions prompted me to answer the question: Which restroom should a trans man use? I answered correctly: whichever one he chooses.

What I’m not clear on is what the terminology means. Is a trans man someone who identifies as a man, regardless of how he was born? Or is it someone who is biologically male but identifies as a woman?

A transman is a man. It would be a horribly cruel joke to refer to someone by the gender they do not consider themself to be.

In other words, a trans man is a trans person whose identity in the present is as a male person. Female-to-male means you’ve got yourself a trans man, not a trans woman.

Jeez, can we not be so damn politically correct all the time?! Cause given the posts so far I’m still confused. From an anatomy pov ‘Trans Man’ means identifies as male, but born with a vagina, right? :smiley:

Yes. Considered the female sex at birth but transitioned to male.

It doesn’t seem to me to be above the pale to find grammatically correct answers in GD.

Above the pale sounds pretty painful, those palings can be sharp. I think beyond the pale is the phrase you’re searching for.

Transman refers to someone who was born biologically female but who identifies as female. This could involve a post-op transsexual, with or without phalloplasty, or at any stage in transition. It could more rarely refer to someone born with biologically ambiguous sex who unambiguously identifies as male.

I think you need to double check your first sentence.


Born biologically male or ambiguous, identifies as female.

Want to try that one again? :wink:

Third time lucky … :smiley:



Born biologically female or ambiguous, identifies as male.

Well, it is confusing, isn’t it.

Assigned female at birth, but identifies as male.

A related question…when looking through the list of gender identifiers that Facebook now offers, I noticed that both “trans man” and “trans male” are options. Can someone explain to me the difference there? Is it a matter of difference in stage of reassignment, or is it personal preference, or something else?

In addition, what about “trans person”? Or “trans* male”?

The trans men I know were born female but are now post-op and live their lives exclusively as men. They’re men who identify also as trans men for cultural reasons.

There’s a lot of unnecessary fear going around, in reference to transsexuals. A trans man is no threat to the other men in the men’s room. A trans woman, likewise, has no interest in having sex with the other women in the women’s room.

What’s the fear about?

That a cross-dressing male will use the female washroom and see them all running around naked, like in porn.

Transman and transmale are used synonymously in my community. Lately trans* (with the asterisk) has started to take hold, and I really wish it wouldn’t.

Trans* with the star should only be used on its own. Technically it means “transperson, third sex**, transman, transwoman, transgender, transsexual, etc.” The use of it as “trans* male” seems to be a misunderstanding by someone.

Then again, local communities and groups develop their own lingo…and I’ve fallen afoul of that myself. Like Eve Golden expressed to me, even I am starting to get confused by the terms. I’ve actually been corrected by a cisgender person recently who told me I wasn’t a “transsexual,” I was “transgender.” I gave him a look, explained who I was, explained that he was wrong, and moved on.

** Which I really think is improperly grouped with the trans* collective term. Like how other intersex persons believe we shouldn’t be in the trans community (I differ; I’m intersex but I did go through a transition which had social, legal, and yes physical components).