Liam Lynch's "United States of Whatever" Wow, this is great.

I think everyone, everywhere, should hear this song, and watch this music video. It may be the greatest thing ever. You may think I’m exaggerating. That just proves you haven’t seen it.

(Ok, I’m exaggerating a little bit. But it is the greatest music video ever and a very funny song)

The video can be seen here.

I’ve seen it and heard the song. It’s good for a laugh the first couple of times then it gets irritating when it keeps coming on the radio.

That song has been around for a while already. It used to get a lot of airplay, but I haven’t even heard it on the radio in at least 5 months. And yes, it does get very annoying after the fifth or sixth listen.

To be honest, it was pretty lame.

It’s an old Sifl and Olly song, you people need to get out more! (oddly enough, Liam Lynch is one of the creators of Sifl and Olly)

To those of you in the UK and surround area, yes, it will be annoying to you by now. I’ve heard it was a big hit there. It’s still completely unknown in America, though.

I found this video hilarious the first and second time I saw it on TV, but I can imagine getting tired of it pretty fast. Whatever, guys, he’s just trying to play dice in the alley and do the robot, get off his back.

So will Prostitute Laundry be his sophomore effort?

Flat out love it. Have had it on my playlist for a month now. Never tire of it.