Songs that have been ruined for you by the music video

The first time I heard the lyrics to, “I Got The Boy,” by Jana Kramer I was blown away by how sophisticated it’s approach to reminiscing about a high-school romance was. I found it almost Buddhist-like in it’s evaluation of each moment in time as a separate and distinct entity to be valued, and the past as being no less important than the future.

And then I saw the video, which is essentially the lead singer sitting around looking hot, and has absolutely nothing to do with the content of the song. It really annoyed me, for some reason.

Also the videos of Thomas Rhett annoy me for some reason, even though I like his songs. I just find his face and mannerisms off-putting.

Frank Zappa (I never really liked his music but he is interesting and smart) had the following comments to make on videos/music:


Different interviews but he has similar ideas in both…

Billy Squire ruined his career with his video of The Stroke.

I meant Rock me Tonight


or did his career come to an end because:

1- he quit producing quality music
2- his style of music fell out of fashion
3- a combination of 1&2

I was not aware there was a strong negative reaction to the video you mentioned…

I’ve got an inverse example for you: I was kinda “meh” about “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler until I saw the utterly bizarre music video. Now I’m a fan.

Google is your friend

When I was younger I started out disliking U2 after Achtung Baby came out and the videos featuring Bono’s smarmy “Fly” character were so prominent.

I’ve learned to get over him with time and enjoy the music, but man, did I find him annoying, with the shit eating grin, the idiot glasses and the black cigarette.

Of course.

But why Billy Squire fell out of popularity is not really something I am interested in learning more about. I like his music, at least most of his popular songs. But if someone else has a comment on his music, I might wonder as to why they said what they said.

“Google is your friend”

Is that the way you commonly respond on SDMB when one poster asks for clarification on another posters comment? Do you consider such terminology, “Google is your friend” to be a polite form of discourse?

The literal video is even better.

Frank Iero from My Chemical Romance has a new band called frnkiero and the Cellabration, which has a not-bad song with a video that I guess pushes my buttons because I’m not even going to you tube it again to link it. There is a thick red liquid (presumably blood) on the drummer’s drums that progressively splatters over him as the video progresses. I would have looked further into this band if it weren’t for the disgusting video.

How is it that a graphic image is going to ruin the song for you, however? I have mild OCD, and, I have strong opinions so I can understand a strong reaction to something unfavorable, but, why not separate the song from the video?

I rarely watch music videos, as I hold to the belief that music is something to experience through my ears.

That said, the video of Baby, It’s Cold Outside with Michael Buble and Idina Menzel was cringe-inducing.

I loved it!

Normally it wouldn’t, except it was my first exposure to the song, so I will associate it with the video forever. Plus, while it wasn’t bad – it was good enough that I would have looked at their other songs except for the blood – it wasn’t good enough to look past the video. If it were an awesome song that would be another story.

ah, ok, I can kind of understand that too…

I’ve never disliked a song because I don’t like the video, but I have liked songs because of the videos, which I guess is the opposite problem. I realized when Janet Jackson came up on my Ipod that there’s really not much to her music as a pure audio experience.

Back was I was a teen in the mid 1980s my friends and I used to listen to a lot of heavy metal (Ozzy, Dio, Metallica, etc.).

One band we loved was Metal Church. We used to play their first album over and over. I never knew what they looked like. But I always pictured them as “hard core dudes,” decked out in chains and leather and whatnot.

So a couple years ago I watched their music video Badlands. Little muscle t-shirts? WTF?? My image of them was shattered! :stuck_out_tongue:

Because the most perfunctory google search would have answered your questions…or this…

Chris Isaak, “Wicked Game”. What an enchanting, melancholy, beautiful song! Loved it! Till I saw the artsy, wretched, soft porn video with some romping topless bimbo on the beach, almost but not quite flashing her tits, tee hee. That crude, coy wanker-fest turned me right off and I’ve lost all love for the song.