Liberals, Internationalist, and Zionists - Oh my!

Today I finished a two day (17 hours driving) trip from Chicago, IL to Austin, TX. I decided that while driving down I would take the opportunity to take in some AM radio. I woul like to share some things I learned:

  1. Liberals are destroying this country. They do this by promoting abortion, evolution, and a society without right and wrong. Basically, these evil people want to to kill babies and steal from everybody who works hard.

  2. President Bush is not a conservative (and maybe not a real American). The Presidnet wants to destroy all the freedoms we have in this country by giving all our authority to the UN and other international organizations. The Presient and the Supreme Court want to destroy the American system of justice and use internation court systems and to model our courts after other countries espically China.

  3. While 9-11 was likely committed by Muslims the true blame should be put on Zionists. America has allowed itself to become controlled by Zionists and this why so many people hate us. In fact there is some evidence that Zionists may be directly responisble for 9-11.

How can people listen to this and take it seriously? There were callers calling in and telling the hosts what great Americans they were and how the hosts sounded crazy at first but now the listeners can see they were right all along. I don’t think I will listne to AM radio on the way back.

Poor thing. At least you didn’t listen to a sports-talk station. Sports-talk callers make the wackjobs on “regular” AM radio sound like rocket scientists.

Alright, who is this bastard who let our cat of the bag? I want his name, so I can have him shipped off to Israel, where our gay commies will dress him up like a Muslim and plant a suicide bomb on him!

(Uh-oh, did I only think that, or did I say it out loud?)

When abortion is liberalized, only Liberals will have abortions!

Wait, that seems kind of counterproductive to the Liberal agenda. Fewer Liberals through abortion. Hmm, maybe the Conservatives should think about that. Gimme the phone! I’m calling Rush!

Or would he consider that plan too close to “survival of the fittest” and chunk it in the evolution bin, never to be seen again?

I’m so confused…

Do any of these AM radio stations do web casts? I really want to hear some of this stuff!

It makes a lot more sense once you put on your tinfoil hat to block the rays your brain is being bombarbed with by the invisible UN helicopters. Then you can find true AM Talk Enlightentment[sup]TM[/sup].

If you’d like to hear from the other side of the fence, you can go to for a list of radio stations that carry the new liberal talk radio network. You can get live streaming audio from the website, and it’s also on satellite radio on XM and Sirius. Several of their shows dedicate segments to debunking the lies and distortion heard on the right wing shows.

Yeah, Bush sure bent over for the UN in that little “invasion of Iraq” incident, didn’t he?

Damn straight! And clearly, the noble callers to these shows are letting their actions speak louder than their words - they’ve refused to evolve.

You must be new. This has been Conservative Principle #1 for a while.

My hour-long commute home is usually spent listening to conservative AM radio (yes, I could listen to Air America, but I find Laura Ingram’s hypocritical conniption fits more entertaining). I’ve gotten their rap boiled down to the following:

“Every media outlet has been taken over by those damned liberal nincompoops who are completly biased. Can you believe the nerve of them? Can’t they find any balance at all? Up next, stay tuned for my two-hour diatribe on how every single thing the Republicans do is wonderful, and every single thing the Democrats do is pure evil.”

I come for the idiocy, I stay for the irony.

Dammit Eve! You said the Loud Part quiet and the Quiet Part loud again.

BTW, the black helicopters will be picking up the tattler tonight.

Promoting evolution sounds like a euphemism for racial purification :open_mouth:

No, no, NO! The UN helicopters are powder blue.

Ahhhh, but the NWO helicopters are black. And invisible. And quiet. And they can phase through things. But when they come for you…

I listened to a guy for almost a half hour one time in California. I could not understand what he was talking about. He kept mentioning the coup de’tat. He was talking about it so forcefully, but I could not understand which country he was talking about. Slowly it dawned on me he was talking about the United States.

What? When did this happen?

After the break he summerized his position and told the story of Kennedy’s assasination. That’s right, Johnson had taken over in a coup d’etat.

Not as bad as the caller who suggested that he had soved the mystery of the shooter on the grassy knoll. He had seen in a dream (or an alien abduction or remote viewing session I forget) that the mysterious shooter was in fact Marylin Monroe.

You won’t get the same effect hearing (reading) this suggestion in a thread like this. It is a unique experience to hear a human voice suggest this serisously.

Oh! So THAT’S what those things were! I thought it was an invasion of gint killer alien gnats …