Lie To Me about Welcome To Night Vale

So, here is what happened-A good friend of mine was trying to win tickets on Facebook to this “Welcome To Night Vale” event happening at the Arlene Schnitzer Hall here in Portland. I know nothing about this except that it has something to do with a popular podcast, but I decided to enter the contest and give her the tickets to help her out. Well, I won the tickets…and it turns out that the tickets are non-transferable so it looks like I am going with her to this event this Wednesday night. Since I like doing things like this with no background information whatsoever(It worked pretty good with Rocky Horror and the SCA, and not so good with my first marriage), what I would like is for y’all to lie to me about this “Welcome To Night Vale” stuff is all about. The best “descriptions” will be passed on to this big fan I am going with, and she will hopefully be entertained.
So…lie to me.

Nothing too interesting. Just a slice of life in a small town.

Very like Garrison Keillor. Expect “Prairie Home Companion” and you’re golden.

Night Vale has a very nice dog park that you should definitely visit.

Just got back from the live show. Had a grand time watching/listening to Cecil and the gang.