Fuck the Gold Rush. It's the Silver (Fire) Rush. Dopefest in Dublin

That’s right. Everyone’s favorite bitchy, mean, little poster and official female chat addict 2001™, is coming to California. You don’t have to come here for the precious metals anymore, they come to you. In honor of her traveling great distances to see the wonders that are Tracy, California, I’m organizing a dopefest. Hopefully all BADs will want to come out and meet this wonderful hidden Minnesota treasure, if not you are lousy lousy people.
The only difficulty is that we’re not sure how long she’ll be here or when she’ll be here. The best guess is Monday or Tuesday for an ammount of time.

So, I’ve made arrangements with Caldazar to keep in touch with her on the road. She’s already left with her father, and will be providing us with nightly updates.

I’ll post them here, and hopefully we can all get together.

When I’ve got some idea of what exactly we might be doing, I’ll share the details.

…errr, where the heck is Tracy?

Ah, Livermore’s less scenic cousin.


I spent almost two years working for the local newspaper, the Tracy Press. I have quite a few fond memories of Tracy, even though it’s a trifle dull – but, of course, the town in Nebraska that I had been living in immediately beforehand was so small and isolated and hellish that Tracy (all of 50,000 people strong) appeared to me as a shining metropolis full of earthly delights.

It’s about an hour east of San Francisco.

Color me stupid, but is the Dopefest in Dublin or Tracy?

The location is also in question. In all likelehood it will be in either San Jose, San Francisco, with an outside chance of Petaluma.

Stay in touch, oldscratch.

You’re coming to visit me, Oldie? How nice! :smiley:

SO. it looks like she’ll be arriving monday, and leaving tuesday. I’m thinking 6pm Monday in SF.

Suffice to say, nothing short of The Big One or a large meteor falling on my head is gonna keep me from this one.

Yes, that includes a small meteorite landing on my head.

What if a large meteor falls on your head while the Big One strikes? Hmm?

I’ll be there, I believe.

GodDAMN. That was me posting above. Damnit!

May I interrupt these apocalyptic musings to protest on behalf on the Irish Dopers at the cruelty of the thread title. What am I supposed to think? The title clearly says “Dopefest in Dublin”, and yet the thread refers to somewhere called “Tracy, California”. Don’t do this to us, guys, or I may be tempted to toy with people by announcing dopefests in Virginia [sub](County Cavan)[/sub] or Hollywood [sub](County Wicklow)[/sub].

hibernicus, take it as a compliment to your fine country that someone in California decided to name an otherwise unremarkable town after your nation’s capital.

Anyway, I think I’ll be able to make it, but I’ll be, oh, about an hour late. (I get off work at 5:30 on Mondays.) This’ll go on for hours, so it won’t matter, right?

Do we have a specific place in mind, or are we all going to wander around downtown San Francisco, hoping to run into each other?

You tricked me into reading about this dopefest by giving false Geographical information.

Now I want to go.

I think I can make it sans child, but I won’t know until tonight when I see the nanny.

Here’s a question…why is she driving all the way here for 24 hours? Is her father a trucker or something?

I think we chould have one here in Ireland and set up a web cam link between the 2. That way everyone will be happy.

I’ll be at work in San Mateo until 7:30, I can head up and find you guys afterward.

Sue: You got it. He’s a trucker.

Says Silver Fire (via telephone):

Hi! And stuff…

I’ll likely be in Tracy, California in the afternoon on Monday Feb. 5th. I’ll have a more specific time by Sunday.

Oldscratch, if you’re going to pick me up, I’ll have the location for you on the weekend. Clever title, by the way.

On the off chance I don’t make it up there in time, I’ll feel really, really, really, really, really bad, but I want you guys to have fun and stuff anyway. I’ll call Caldazar’s cell phone if I can’t make it up there.

If I go, I’ll feel really rotten about ditching my Dad. But I’ll still go anyway.