Lieberman Takes the Moral High Ground

So I’m watching the Iraq prison abuse hearings, and Rumsfeld and some of the brass next to him apologized for what happened. Obviously actions speak louder than words, so I don’t attach a lot of weight to the apologies, but it’s better they apologized than didn’t.

Then Senator Joe Lieberman makes a complete fucking fool of himself by saying that, hey, the 9/11 hijackers didn’t apologize to us, and the Iraqi insurgency didn’t apologize to us.

So what? Because somebody did something to us and didn’t apologize means we don’t have to apologize when we mess up? I thought Lieberman was an Orthodox Jew - don’t they have some rather sophisticated concepts of ethical behavior? This is the kind of shit you’d expect from a four-year-old on a playground. “Well, Jimmy didn’t apologize when he hit me, so why should I apologize for hitting Johnny?”

Then Sessions of Alabama characterizes Congressional critics of the abuse as “complainers”. As if there’s nothing in the world worth complaining about.

Kudos to the fine voters in the Democratic primaries who gave Holy Joe the bum’s rush. I can’t recall a time I’ve ever been more ashamed and appalled by an elected official’s statements.

It’s a rather strange hearing in the sense that some of the Republicans, especially John McCain and Susan Collins, are reaming Rumsfeld a whole set of new assholes.

Actually, I was interested to see when McCain was going to weigh in. His own experience should give his comments a special significance amongst all the chicken-hawkery in Washington these days.

I never like Joe Liberman, this is one more reason why.

Anybody catch the protestors at the beginning of the hearing? The fellows in the blue shirt and green shirt at center right are two of my comrades.

Needless to say, I’m quite proud of them. :smiley:

Sweet, when you going to visit them at gitmo? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for the bluntness, but come on. Do you really expect a conservative Jew to apologize to an Arab, any Arab?

What did they accomplish?

Gotta agree with the sentiment–Rumsfeld needs to be fired–but I’m not sure if screaming slogans will get the job done. Hope you guys get a grass roots e-mail campaign going, too. If you have an e-petition, I’ll sign it.

BTW, Mr. Blue Shirt is hot.

Alright, now you’re losing your marbles.

Does anyone actually like Joe Lieberman?

No, it probably won’t, but at least he got a good taste of how well he’s liked here at home.

I’m sure he’d be flattered to hear that, but he’s straight and getting married this year. To a woman who’s a great union activist but who thinks we’re just as loony as you do.

Haw - I just got an e-mail from Blue Shirt. Not only were they not arrested, nobody took their information down. They were escorted out and dat was all, folks. :cool:

How do you tell where the asshole ends and the assholes begin?


Just when I thought my opinion of Joementum couldn’t get any lower…

Too bad we can’t vote him out of the party just like we did in the primary. And he can take Zell Miller with him.

Heh, Thats what they want you to think.

I gotta go with Lib on this one.

Throwing a tantrum (and that’s all this was) is pointless. They’re not telling Rumsfeld anything he didn’t already know and they’re just reinforcing in his head that his opposition is just a bunch of snotty kids (that’s liable to be his impression, at least).

Nothing is accomplished by 2 guys throwing a hissy fit other than giving them something to feel good over later.

what’s worse is that nothing of consequence (generallY) can be put on a poster board or made into a little chant, thus trivializing the issue. It’s quite easy to ignore with scorn even large crowds chanting 6 second sound bite easily refuted cutesy refrain, but not so easy to ignore a well presented, documented and official board of inquiry.

Rummy knows (and I assume does not care) that he’s not a favorite of the far left. But stuff like this allows him to assume (and I hope incorrectly) that it’s only the loonies at the far left who’d never liked him even if he saved the baby puppies from Cruella.

Can we trade them for McCain and a player to be named later?