Lieu--Was That YOU on Metro North?

(NEW YORK) A man’s arm got stuck in the toilet of a commuter train when he tried to fish out his dropped cell phone – halting his train and sending delays throughout the rail system. Thousands of commuters were delayed and several trains were rerouted while rescue workers tried to pull him out, a Metro-North Railroad spokesman said Thursday. “When this moron’s arm went down the crapper, so did our evening commute,” said Metro North’s Dan Brucker. The train was held at the Fordham Station after a passenger heard Gallart’s cries for help. When train workers failed to pry Gallart’s arm free, police officers and firefighters were called in to blowtorch the stainless steel toilet apart. In the meantime, all 600 passengers aboard the train had to be put on other trains and all northbound trains had to be rerouted, causing significant delays and thousands of dollars in additional costs for Metro-North, which might seek damages from Gallart, Brucker said. Gallart’s home telephone number was unlisted so he couldn’t be reached for comment. And, of course, he didn’t have his cell phone.

Heh, I hope to hell it really was a cell phone he was reaching for.

It was Giraffe. He was getting his sandwich.

All he had to do was let go of the phone, but Noooooo, he couldn’t do that! :slight_smile:

“No, really… can you hear me now?”

Puts a new twist on “Trainspotting”, doesn’t it?

The person who said that “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” never got his arm stuck in a toilet on Metro North. This guy could cure cancer and become the first man on Mars and he’d still be known as the guy who got his arm stuck. Damages? He’s going to be paying for this the rest of his life. I bet he’s wishing he had had a blunt penknife handy.

Frankly, Metro North could have dealt with the problem more discretely – load some workmen onto the train and deal with it without disrupting service.

And I guess I’m grateful that it wasn’t one of those new picture phones.

I would have gnawed my own arm off like a fox in a trap.

Oh, NurseCarmen, that was beautiful.

You have any experience with this sort of appendage removal, do you?

Anyon else notice that lieu didn’t actually deny being this fellow … :wink:

Twern’t me. :slight_smile:

Peoples might for some unknown reason periodically associate me with the aforementioned subject matter but if you’ll read most of my stories, 95% of the time I’m just trying my everloving best to get the heck out of the way of someone else’s poop or fart.

I’m sure not doing to personally digitize some nasty metro shitter.

I read about this earlier today. I couldn’t stop laughing.

I hope he isn’t on my train tonight.

Well if he is, at least he won’t have his cell phone with him this time!! Unless … you don’t suppose he’s already gotten a replacement??? :eek:

Given that Metro-North is planning on billing him for the repairs to the coach, this could turn out to be the most expensive cell phone call ever.

My girlfriend’s broke her leg! Does anyone have a cell phone I can use?! … … … Does anyone else have a cell phone I can use?!

I think he did it on purpose to see if he could make Catherine Zeta-Jones appear.

This seems eerily similar to the satellite phone running joke in Jurrasic Park 3: Reach Out And Munch Someone.

You know, there’s nothing funny about a man with his hand in a toilet.

I saw that Eve started thread about Metro-Morth, so I had to post this story from New York from an issue I just got around to reading.