When Rush Hour becomes Flush Hour

This has to be the best headline on the BBC today.

Thousands of New York commuters were stranded after a man’s arm became wedged down a train toilet as he tried to retrieve his mobile phone.
Rescue crews had to dismantle the toilet with Edwin Gallart’s arm still stuck in the u-bend…

…"When his cell phone went down the toilet so did our evening rush hour, so did thousands of dollars of taxpayers’ money, and so did our ‘on time’ performance.

LOL - that will do wonders for the popularity of cellphone users!

The best line I’ve heard about this story so far was, “As of press time, Gallart could not be reached for comment.”

Now you see…I’d be thinking the cell phone was beyond all help once it was submerged in a dirty toilet on a public train. Sounds like Mr. Gallart is an optimist!:smiley:

Was it Giraffe?