Life after Death

My Life after Death class watched a video with various professors and smart-types talking about Near-Death Experiences. The video was a cheesy, Sightings-type deal, but the content seemed interesting. I was wondering, how respected are the stories of the light and the end of the tunnel, warmth, voices, etc. among the medical fields?

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I’m pretty sure Cecil covered something about this, or I already read about it in a previous thread about death. I’m fairly certain that current thinking is that the tunnel with light at the end effect is a chemical and physiological effect. The out-of-body experience side of it has also been explained in a previous question in the archives.


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Thanks, tan.
Do you think this topic, reworded, perhaps, be good fodder for Great Debates?

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Maybe NDE’s are the origin of some, if not all, religions? Our ancestors led a pretty rough life. Perhaps Ugh, the Cro-Magnon, had an NDE after wrestling with that night’s dinner and upon awakening, told his tribe that Grandma Ugh was waiting for them all in the Great Beyond because he saw her and even talked to her. Wanting to believe there was more to life than what they knew, his tribe responded favorably, believing the story and perhaps even making Ugh the tribe’s priest and/or Chief.

Or the story could be cast with a woman who blacked out while giving birth, or during some other stressful incident, and reported seeing and speaking to dead relatives while unconscious.

Just a thought. I, of course, am just speculating. Does anyone else find this plausible?

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Interesting theory, I suspect that while NDE’s might form some of the apocrypha, the real origin of religion is attempting to explain the inexplicable and uncontrolable. That, IMHO, is why we progress from thunder gods to hunting/farming gods to an anthromorphic accounting for good and evil.

I’m not too sure about Cecil, or his sources, explanation of people seeing dead loved ones though. If we’re presuming NDE’s are the neuro equivalent of the glow on a TV screen after it’s turned off, wouldn’t that be lower in the brainstem than social connections? It would be interesting to correlate pre-event family bonds of those that had loved ones as a part of their NDE vs those that didn’t.

OTOH I think the likelyhood of personality after death is pretty low


Didnt used to hear about light at the end of the tunnell was usually great aunt sally or the glowing being till a few NDE’s got some publicity then Every body sarted having them. When I see a light at the end of the tunnel i get off the tracks right quick. WOW! a new word,and remember you saw it here first ,folks. Ivick deserves all the credit. Anthromorphic- of or pertaining to anthromorphism,the process of changing into a human,as in werehumans,animals that change into humans during a new moon.( I once read a short story,“The Wifes TaIl”(?),from the viewpoint of the wolfs mate)

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