Near-death experiences

In a listing of possible explanations for NDE’s, the following was given:

“(3) Just a hallucination. Fine, but why does everybody have the same hallucination?”

Here is a thought I had a few years ago (when I was still deciding if I believed in God) that has stuck with me ever since.

All my life I have been told that when I die, I’m going to go through a dark tunnel towards a light. I’ll experience happiness, feel like I’m floating over my body, etc…

I think chances are good that I will know (at least on some level) when my body is dying. Similar to the way some animals realize they are dying and prepare for it. I think it’s possible that my mind, knowing it is dying, will create the “death experience” that I have been expecting my whole life.

Ever almost hurt yourself, any yelled “Ouch!” because you expected to be hurt? Same idea.

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Do near-death experiences prove there is life after death?

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