life just is crap

Why does life just suck during the whole thing?

(dont give me Heaven is waiting for me stuff)

I keep getting handed pound after pound put upon my shoulders with no relief in site. Its hard to keep going. I really dont need to lay my burdens down just a little help to support it all


Cant carry anymore.

Boy howdy, you’re not wrong. Sometimes when it rains, it pours.

My best advice, such as it is: When life gets overwhelming, take a break, then attack each thing individually, in small manageable steps.

thanks,this one is so hard

Sometimes, it feels like all the doo-doo hits the fan at one time. But **GuanoLad **is right - time for a deep, cleansing breath before launching a series of concentrated attacks. Are you a list-maker? Sometimes it can help to get things down on paper, broken down in doable portions.

You’ll beat the crap!!


Sorry to hear of the suck in your life at the moment, hoping it moves off soon!

Sending good thoughts your way!

thank you guys. Its just the final weight today, I carry the other burdens 365/year. Today’s was a disappointment among so many in my life. You guys helped. Glad you are here!

Is this something we could help with?


Okay. From now on I want you to find three goods in every day. And I don’t mean jumping up-and-down Happy Dance things. Just ordinary, everyday things that make you smile. For example: My Three good Things Yesterday:

  1. A friend took me to breakfast, then I did some computer work and he paid me.
  2. A nice walk to the 7-eleven, where I got coffee and cookies for my work break.
  3. A cool talk with a child on my cashier line.

Write three good things down every day for a year, and you’ll have over a thousand good things.

Hang in there. Life is definitely a series of up and down periods. Wishing you well as you work through this.

Man, it sucks when all the shit hits the fan, one after the other. Sometimes it’s like playing dead during a bear attack; all you can do is wait until fate/karma/the universe gets bored with you, and wanders off to go torture some other poor soul.

And it will. That’s why “this, too, shall pass” gets so much mileage.

In the meantime, WildBlue, you got this. (Until you don’t, of course, but you ain’t there yet, not by a long shot.) You got this.

I strongly recommend therapy–it’s not just for crazy people, it’s a time that’s just for you to talk about what’s up to someone with no vested interest that you can’t offend or make their day shitty by complaining and they’ll probably have some good coping techniques to set you up with. Learning to stay in the moment, to neither regret what’s past nor agitate over what’s to come is an excellent skill to practice and the better you get at it the easier the past and future get to bear with. And self care is huge–no matter how much is on your shoulders or how harried you are, take time to make sure you eat properly, get good sleep and do little things that make you feel good. Self care is analogous to putting on your own oxygen mask first because if you don’t you’re not going to be able to help anyone else.

Best of luck with what’s devilling you!

I had a day like that this past Monday. So much bad shit was happening, I was afraid to leave the house. Some times I fall into what I call The Black Pit of Despair. I kept repeating to myself “it will be better tomorrow.” And it was.

I have times when a black cloud is just following me around. Raining on everything I do. But it does pass. And yours will too. Grammy used to say bad things come in 3s. After the 3rd one, expect a good thing. Good luck and hugs.

It’s not. Neither is Hell, for that matter. Just wonderful, wonderful oblivion. A dreamless sleep without worry or pain, no getting up in the middle of the night to pee, no alarm clock, no dirty dishes crusting over in the sink. When it’s over, nothing and nobody can hurt you, nothing is asked of you and you cannot fail at anything. Over 100 billion people have died so far, and at least another nearly 8 billion will also snuff it sometime in the next century. Only a handful will ever have a notion you existed, fewer will care, zero will ever truly know your heart. You are more utterly alone than you can possibly know. More succinctly: “You’ve come from nothing, you’ll go back to nothing, so you can lose nothing.”

Yes, this means nothing you (or anyone, not just you) do or don’t do has any meaning at all. This means you’re playing at a game you can’t win, but more importantly, you can’t lose. The only burdens you bear are the ones you’ve chosen to bear. If you find you are carrying too much, chuck some of it aside. If someone else wants that parcel to be carried it, then they should pick it up. Oh sure, for the brief cosmic flicker of an instant you exist in this universe, someone will judge you. But what does their judgment matter?


In other words, “In a 100 years who will care?”

100 years? Lady, I’m not all that far from believing all you imaginary friends, and your opinions, die with me. And I got nowhere near 100 years left.

Double this. No, triple this.

There’s no good scheduling for stuff that brings you down in life and like nuns and grapes, bad stuff tends to come in bunches. You swear you’re on your last nerve, you feel beaten down to your knees, you might even be falling into the ditch, and that’s when the truck hits you.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is lie in the weeds for a little bit. A LITTLE bit. Breathe in and out. Concentrate on that. And THEN get up.

It might even be that the crisis of today is replaced by the crisis of tomorrow, but I am here to tell you that it don’t rain on the same dog’s ass every day and it does get better.

Hang in there. And keep telling us what’s doing with you. We’re all in this mess together, you know.

your humble TubaDiva

I feel like I am you. Life gets to us all sometimes. I hope things improve soon.