Life without Bert

So they are taking our pictures for the yearbook.
With this Bert looking over OBL’s shoulder thing, I had to have a Bert.
You would think that on a residential campus from pre-school to Upper School you’d find at least one Bert doll, right?
I would live forever. Years from now they would ask, “Who’s the Guy With Bert?”
“Oh, that’s Carnivorousplant, the coolest computer guy we ever had!”

No Bert.


I have a little rubber Bert figurine, about two inches high. He’s wearing a band uniform and playing an accordion. Would that work?

Unfortunately, Bert’s never been as popular as some other Muppets. No wonder he turned evil. It’s unfortunate. I sometimes wonder if Bin Ladin’s just using him to ease a paper-clip shortage or something.

I have a small Bert figurine my sister gave me. (She’s always compared us to Bert and Ernie.) It features a pigeon nesting in Bert’s hair, and Bert has his hand stretched up, trying to feed the pigeon something out of the paper bag he’s holding. (Birdseed? It’s brown, so I don’t think it’s popcorn.) A reminder of happier days. If I could, I’d let you borrow him, but I don’t think he’d show up very well in a picture–he’s pretty small.

As I see it, you have two options. 1) Join the yearbook committee and find a way to Photoshop Bert into your picture, or 2) get really good at drawing Bert so that you can draw him into the background of your picture when you sign yearbooks.

Oh, and pardon this hijack, but you go to a school with a residential preschool? :eek: Do parents really send their kids away to live at preschool?

We are a state deaf school. Maybe the preschool isn’t residentail, the children come from all over the state and go home on weekends.

hey carniv -

i have a full-size bert doll that has hearing aids in his ears! (He’s pretty cool, I actually have a bunch of characters with hearing aids my parents made to get me to wear mine growing up)(feel free to rip off the HA - they’re made of playdough i think.)

If you haven’t had the pics taken yet - i’d be glad to ship him to you for the shoot. Just just have to promise you’ll NEVER send him back because I don’t want it anymore.
–smashed ic

Thanks, all, especially the big Bert…him in the chair instead of me…they allready took the pics, darn it.