Lifelock Advertisement

Just saw an advertisement for Lifelock identity theft protection. In this ad, they claim that there are websites that auction stolen identities and that they “monitor thousands of these sites” for customer identities.

This strikes me as…implausible at best. For one, if it were possible to monitor these sites, the banks would be doing it (since most of them have fraud protection, meaning it comes out of their pockets). Second, if there was a list of thousands of illegal credit-theft websites easily accessible, law enforcement would be on it like white on rice.

So is this claim total bullshit? And if not, how does Lifelock manage to do it?

Don’t have anything useful to add, just wanted to say I had the exact same reaction to the commercial as the OP. Precisely: :dubious:

Lifelock lying to potential customers? As in a potential deceptive business practice?
They’ve been caught/fined before.

Pepper Mill is skeptical about the advertisement, too.
And she says that they probably don’t protect your identity by having a miniature robot scale down and disassemble the screen to disrupt the identity auction! I say she’s just being mean.

I’m surprised it wasn’t mentioned in the article, but one of the co-founders of Lifelock was, himself, an identity thief, getting a credit card in his father’s name and racking up a 150,000 dollar debt.

I guess his dad should have used Lifelock. :wink:

Heck, Lifelock wasn’t even good enough for the guy himself. According to Duckster’s link:

Cracked did an article mentioning Lifelock: