LifeLock Doesn't Work (pure schadenfreude remix)

The LifeLock guy’s SSN has been used to steal his identity multiple times:

Some is not all. Some is not even most.

He played around and got burned. $500 is chump change but it goes to prove the point: LifeLock isn’t what it sets out to be.

Thus we see that LifeLock cannot possibly do what it is claimed to do. The system LifeLock is built on isn’t that good.

Read the whole article. LifeLock does things you can do yourself for free, and it doesn’t do them any better than you could.

Here is some pie. Dark, bittersweet pie. With Kahlua and molasses.

Sounds similar to what happened to Jeremy Clarkson, except he wasn’t promoting a service, just being a jackass. People made donations to charity from his bank account.

I did wonder how well LifeLock worked with that guy’s SSN.

But the best thing of this post…

Oh dear God, I saved that page & I must have that pie!!!

And pics of his kid making it are awesome!

I’d try to come up with a recipe for Weltschmerz pie, but it wouldn’t work anyway so why bother.

At least homosexuality can still be cured, right?

Thanks to the magic of SQL injection, now you can get that lack of protection for free!

You could try Enzyte: Natural Male Enhancement. Works about as well as Lifelock, though.

Pretty sure Enzyte is better at protecting my identity than Lifelock.

More information on the uselessness of LifeLock. And another story on the veracity of founder Robert J Maynard’s tale of an arrest in Las Vegas due to 'identity theft and the rather truer story on how Maynard may well have stolen his father’s identity to get an American Express card.

Is it really schadenfreude when you think someone is getting what he deserves?

Does schadenfreude need to have an element of shame? Not to me, anyway. I feel plenty of it when a judge slaps down the RIAA, for example.

I made a sehnsucht pie once. I don’t anymore though. It’s too fattening because you always want more. The recipe always changes too…