"Lifestyle Lift" -what exactly is it?

Has anyone done this process or do you know anyone who has?


It says “non-surgical,” so what the heck is it? Is it like a facelift, where you just pull the skin back and pin it somehow?

First-hand accounts requested, please.

Where does it say “non-surgical”? I’m pretty sure there is some surgery involved, but that it is not a “more drastic, traditional procedure”.

The caginess of this site, with it’s lack of any real description of what kind of procedures they do, triggers my bogosity alarm bells.

In addition, everyone contemplating plastic surgery should understand that any procedure that separates the skin from the underlying muscle (so that it can be pulled back and tightened up) means that you will need touch-up procedures every few years, since there is nothing holding the skin up any longer other than the skin itself.

Disclaimer: I don’t know anything special about this procedure other than what they reveal in their website (which is precious little). I’ll be interested to see if anyone with actual experience will respond.

Okay, you’re right… on the first page of the website, it does say it’s a surgical procedure. So I’m guessing it’s some kind of “spot” face lift?

Our agency almost landed this account (to do their media buying) but ended up not winning it.

Wikipedia has an article on it, fairly interesting. Apparently it’s a procedure that is limited to the lower third of the face and the upper neck. There are some pictures, I couldn’t spend much time looking at them, too gruesome.