Light Saber Evolution

Just me, or are the Sabers in Sith Markedly different from previous movies?

That they have a definite point to them?

They have better CGI.

Wow. That may be the loosest use of the spoiler tag I’ve ever seen. :smiley:

Anyone else see any reason why an energy sword, that will burn through a blast door, NEEDS a point?

Yeah I noticed that too. Of course, if the light just magically knows when to stop, it might as well some to a fancy tapered point.

They look kewler that way. :slight_smile:

It’s not evolution, it’s intelligent design.


Hey Someone needs to make up for the peeps who havent discovered how to make spoiler boxes yet. :cool:

And it might get some people to go see the movie, (Ok well not anymore now, thanks kiljoys :wink: ) or have them guess for a second.

I dunno, I liked the ol’ “slabs of light” feel.

And remember those old slabs are in the future from EP III :slight_smile: So slabs of light are the more evolved lightsabers. This makes sense, even, as it was pointed out earlier what is the reason for a pointy end to an energy weapon that’ll melt through just about anything.

That said next revision George L. will probably replace all the lightsaber images in IV-VI with pointy cgi :frowning: .

My guess is that it was necessary for the scene where Mace Windu attacks the Emperor. In that scene, the lightsaber is shown pointed almost at the camera, extremely foreshortened. Lightsaber blades don’t have any internal detail to show the foreshortening, and at that angle, the rounded tip would be somewhat larger than the hilt-end of the blade. Without the point, it would possibly look more like an oddly-shaped glowing Q-tip than a threatening weapon.

Ditto. I definitely noticed the tips and they annoyed me.

I heard he was replacing them with walkie-talkies.

Yes, I suddenly noticed the “tip” when Anakin held his sabre to Palpatine’s throat.

It did seem odd, especially after the SFX mistake in Episode IV where we see Alec Guinness holding a blunt plastic rod to Vader’s sabre :stuck_out_tongue:

Lightsabers in the prequel are too, well, “clean”. I still remember the final lightsaber duel between Luke and Darth Vadar. All the pretty sparks! It gives a sense of reality to the lightsabers.

In the prequel the lightsabers are so slickling, well, ‘clean’. This only screams “CGI! CGI” to my mind.