LIGHT UP THE NIGHT (demonstration/candlelight vigil)

For anyone who’s interested…


You can find if there’s a demonstration near you here.

It’ll be way cold, but I hope a lot of people will show up. I’ll be there, bundled up, candle aglow. Dollar stores have these candles in glass containers, perfect for outdoor vigil-ing. I don’t know what they’re called because I’m not religious, but they often have Virgin Mary and Jesus and whatnot on them. I have one with Mary on it. I also have backup votive candles that I put in glass jars, and some super-long grill matches.

thank you for posting this- I’ll be there in my city and see how many people I can convince to go along with me.

Wow. I wonder how many years it will be before someone explains to their kid that Light up the Night is an ancient pagan celebration of the solstice? (It isn’t, of course, but the firelight and timing is delightfully coincidental.)

Anyhow, I’ll already be out holding vigil for the solstice*, but I’ll light an extra candle and think of y’all. May the light that shines through the long night bring illumination and love into the hearts of the hateful.

*yes, I know it’s not actually the solstice until Sunday night, but it’s our public celebration; Sunday night I’ll be up all by my lonesome