LIGHTS: My new internet girlfriend

I just found the most awesome Canadian singer-songwriter, World of Warcraft player, and comic book fan, a young woman named “LIGHTS” (it’s her legal name!)


Second Go


My Boots

She’s got a couple self-made music videos:

Drive My Soul

and the sequel, February Air

You can hear autotune in some of those, but she uses it strictly as a special effect, not because she “needs” it. Here she is doing a live, acoustic version of Saviour.

Talking about gaming

She’s quite pretty, and her voice isn’t bad for her age, but put the two together and she comes off as too young for me. And she’s probably right in the age I like for “Internet girlfriends.”

Well, she’s 23-24 (born April 11, 1987).

I love the way she lets her “geek” side into her music. Also, from what I can tell, she’s the only musician on her album; that is, she performed everything herself.

That live acoustic one is pretty damn good. I’m glad I didn’t give up on her before watching that one, because all the music videos were, to put it nicely, not my cup of tea.

A couple more excellent acoustic performances:

Another of her own songs, “River

The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes