Like A Little Frickin Kid

Shit, I’m like such a little kid. I can’t control myself. I got to work today, and the Lexmark lady had left a bunch of candy. So I stood there and ate it all. Like a little kid. I got a headache and all jittery from the sugar. I just stood there and ate all the Nerds till they were all gone, then started eating the Lifesavers Chews, even though they tasted like rubber. But I still ate them. Ugh. I have no self control. I disgust me.


Stay away from my Swedish fish! :smiley:

Well fine then!! I’ll just take my football and go home then! And I’m telling your mom you kissed a girl and now you’re probally gonna get cooties or something so nyah :stuck_out_tongue:

Tim – not to worry.

You don’t dress up, say you are large for your age and go door-to-door on Halloween, do you?

well, your name is Homer isn’t it? :slight_smile:

sometimes being a kid and stuffing yourself with candy is not just a right it is a DUTY!!!

Thats what I have to tell everyone when they arrive and all the toffees are gone.

You aren’t alone Homer

Ate all the candy? You say that like it’s a bad thing…

Well, heck. Candy’s for eatin’ isn’t it?

I’m doing that as we speak. I brought a package of Almond Joy bite size candy bars to work with me today… there’s 10 in a package and I’m eating #5 right now. I just can’t stop myself!!! I don’t see anything wrong with acting like a kid now and then… that’s what keeps us young.

MMMMmmmmm… Swedish fish… I havent had swedish fish in forev… running tackles Baloo Gimmi those fish!

There wasn’t any chocolate???
Well, then, you were welcome to it. However, in case of future chocolate:“Stand aside you pig, make room for me!!!”

The dentist must love you!


Swedish fish - they’re cute!!! I bought some for an Easter basket last year. I wondered how many brave souls out there were, like me, not at all put off by fish-shaped candy.

It has nothing to do with the OP, but I recently bought a tin of chocolate candies shaped like sardines, wrapped in relatively realistic sardine-patterned wrappers (to make them look like real little fish), and put together like a real tin of sardines, complete with key. Who could resist?

::currently happily sucking on a blow pop::

Tim, I feel your pain. In fact, I felt it about two months ago. The Willy Wonka Thread

Dude, you’re talkin’ to someone who has to go to the dentist tomorrow because she chipped her tooth on a Charms’ Giant Pop. For the THIRD freakin time! Talk about people who never learn!