Like elephants? Need a job? Want to live in a warm climate? Then good news...

One with a tragically high mortality rate for elephants.

Especially since it’s a civil service job. What kind of civil service job doesn’t involve shoveling shit?:slight_smile:

Well, see, they didn’t used to list that qualification, and, um, well…that black stuff between elephants toes? Handlers that couldn’t run.


I like the fact they specify “1,000 hours or 6 months of professional experience working with elephants within the last five years”. Because, you know, you don’t want a bunch of applicants who’ve just been doing part-time elephant work on their weekends.

Or the yuppie dogooders who get to feeling guilty and volunteer at elephant shelters at Christmas then forget about them the rest of the year.

Or some guy who belonged to the elephant club back in high school.