Like my loafers? Former gophers!

I thought these were fun!

Damn, if only my feet were ridiculously huge…

Shoulda skinned his chauffers.

Damn. I actually have a vintage '60’s Dalmatian-print polyester peacoat that would go perfectly with those shoes – if I had men’s size 13-14 feet – instead of women’s size 6 1/2.


Do they come with matching clogs?

Not interested, coz I’ve got my Blue Suede Beatle Boots with Cuban heels. Really I do have a pair of these, I’m just too chicken to wear that sort of things these days. And they pinch a bit :frowning:

BTW. Why does the guy keep his giant fancy shoes on his stereo?

Well, they’re long enough, but probably not wide enough. Besides, do I really want to wear a pair of those?

I really like the vest!