Like watching grass grow

But for some reason, I find this very interesting:

Talk about mundane & pointless!

Or how about this one?

At least with the above one, you can see ships and the like, in theory…

<< I’m bored. Ug. >>

Earthcam has an interesting array of cams in well organized catagories. I have spent (way too many) hours watching people ski in France.

One time at work, we were watching a beach cam (I forget the reason). The frames seemed like they were in real time, I don’t know if it was. Anyways, we actually saw someone get pickpocketed. The bad guy walked up to this unsuspecting guy, got close, and grabbed something from behind the victim and put it in his own pocket. Crazy.

I love to watch my C Drive defragment.
It fascinates me.

FTR, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a person being fascinated by something interesting.

That’s pretty cool. But for some reason it makes me feel like any second I could witness a live murder in stop action pictures.

The farm scene puts me to sleep! The locks are interesting. And I have spent a bit of time watching a defrag. :cool:

I think a good defrag is very soothing.