Linda Rondstat thrown out of casino for supporting Michael Moore!

Fucking hell! Bush can steal elections, lie to get us into wars, kill our young people and any number of take-your-pick bullshit dangerous and asinine things, but a singer supports Moore from the stage by dedicating a song to him and right-wing nutters go loony-tunes! And she gets thrown out! I’ll bet the people who went batshit didn’t get thrown out.

Every day brings something new to hate the rightys for.

Yeah, sure, she had a bad attitude going in, but the reaction was ridiculous. I’m not quite sure why she took the gig in the first place.

The answer is likely within your quote:

She took the job just to do what she did (IMHO).

So, Bill Bennett was taking a break from the tables, eh?

While you partisan hacks keep babbling about whatever it is you are babbling about, you are missing the more important story here:

Linda Rondstat was paid to sing. And people voluntarily showed up to listen.


While I’ve got nuthin’ but contempt for the patrons who threw a tantrum over the song, I can’t really bring myself to blame the casino. If Ronstadt is going out of her way to alienate as much as one fourth of her audience, than she’s not doing what the Aladdin was paying her to do: keep the drunks happy so they keep throwing away their money in the casino. I’d’ve fired her, too.

But I’ve also have laid out a few life-time bans on the patrons who were vandalizing my property.

And you wouldn’t have walked out of a concert if the performer started gushing about Ann Coulter. Yeah right.

There are plenty of things to pit the Republicans about, but this particular one is lame.

It hasn’t happened yet, but I truly think I would not go off the deep end like many people seem to do when an entertainer shows themselved to be politically opposite. I’d think “Eh, she’s wrong about (whoever), but I still want to hear ‘Blue Bayou’.”’

I SURE as fuck wouldn’t vandalize the place.

I’d love to have that on film:

Linda: *And freedom, oh freedom… *
Hook moves toward her neck from stage right.
Linda: …that’s just some people talkin–

But yeah, I can see why that’d be bad for business. Good for her, anyway-- I’m glad to hear her name again. I can see why Philip K. Dick figured she was an avatar of the divine Sophia. (Although I’m sure all the speed helped, too.)

I’d want to know exactly HOW she dedicated the song, with what words. If she made a five minute speech that’s one thing. But I wouldn’t walk out of a show I’d paid for because of one dedication. Sheesh.

Piss off 25% of 4500 customers and get fired. Who’d have thought it? :rolleyes:

I know that that there is a lot of love for Moore on the board and many are hardcore anti-Iraq, but in the real world, it’s simply not the case. It also seems that getting fired might have been her intentions all along.

Purposefully sabotaging the client who is paying you to perform. Very classy. If she wants to spout her views like that she should either perform at political rallies or rent her own fucking venue.


That does show the mindset of the right wing doesn’t it. If you don’t agree with it. Don’t fight it with facts or a second choice…destroy it.

Heh. Heh.

Wait a minute. She dedicated it to Mr. Moore or President Bush?

“Desperado, why don’t you come to your senses/You’ve been out riding fences for so long now.”

“Oh you’re a hard one, but I know that you’ve got your reasons. The things that are pleasing you will hurt you somehow.”

“Now it seems to me some fine things have been laid upon your table, but you only want the ones that you can’t get.”

Gosh, the lyrics are neither very flattering for Mr. Moore nor particularly incendiary. Hell, if I’m going to bust apart a chair, she’d have to sing FAR more offensive than that. “My Heart will Go On” for instance.

“Near. Far. Wherever you Are.”
Heh. Heh.

Not really. I would expect it more from the leftwing. The entertainer’s actions in this case was quite similar to vandalism in that it was immature and hurt her employer. Other anti-war, anti-globalisation, anti-corporate, and pro-animal rights ‘protests’ (which are mostly made up of leftwingers) often have vandalism associated with them.

Oh, I don’t know. I used to oppose mandatory testing in 10th grade, but you’re making me re-think my position. :smiley:

Are you fucking kidding?

Tearing down posters and deliberately spilling drinks: vandalism
Dedicating a song to a left-wing filmmaker: not vandalism

acccording to the quote, 'twas the patrons that were the vandals. So how’s that not their responsability? 'cause if it is, it’s good to know that Me and my buddies can go to a Tobey Keith concert and bust it up when he plays his jingoistic stuff, and it’ll be his responsability.

I said it was like vandalism in that it was immature and hurt the place of business where it occurred. :rolleyes:

You’d probably get your ass kicked. :smiley: Besides TK unlike Rondstat is popular because, in part, of his jingoistic stuff. And I never excused the drink spillers and poster tearers. That shit is stupid. Like Rondstat’s seemingly intentional actions of pissing off her audience and employer were.

Umm, yeah, the casino was right. She was paid to do a job, she didn’t meet the standards of entertaining the audience who paid to see her, whether you like MM or not, Linda was wrong.

Nothing partisan to see here, move along folks. :cool: