She was arrested again for DUI and this time she was in posession of cocaine.

I don’t get this. I really don’t. I’m partially amused and partially saddened by this news. She’s on a dangerous path and it’s not looking good.

Is she *trying * to kill herself and other people? Did her alcohol-detecting anklet malfunction?

Don’t they have cabs in LA? Looks like someone else needs a little jail time to wisen up.

It’s unfortunately true that only a minority of people get clean after their first stay in rehab. Addictions are pernicious.

She needs help more than a jail stay, but with this on top of her looming trial jail seems pretty certain. Cue the helicopters…

I know how that is. Everyone has a different “rock bottom” and with her lifestyle, her bottom might be lower than mine was.

I have a question for the people in California. Does the “3 strikes” law apply to felony arrests or is for jail terms? I doubt she would have a chance to get a third arrest for DUI before she goes to jail for the existing 2 charges, but what would happen if she was arrested again?

I dunno, is she really addicted? I mean, what if she’s just a horribly spoiled rich girl that people are afraid to say “no” to? I mean, what if this is really the fault of the leaches and hangers-on who fill up her life but can’t tell her what she needs to hear because they don’t want to piss her off? What if all she really needs is lots of adult supervision until she grows up?

I think of the Mathletes tournament in *Mean Girls * and it just makes me sad. Really, I know it’s trite to say, but she’s young, talented, beautiful, rich, and somewhere along the way she got damaged so right and proper that none of that is enough. It’s just damn sad.

Oh hell, was it a fake to begin with?

Is this a whoosh?

Um, no, why would it be? I’m skeptical that she’s really a hard-core addict. I think she’s a spoiled, self-indulgent brat who needs, more than anything, to learn some self-discipline. Unfortunately, she’s now 21, which means that the only “time out” she’s going to get is going to come at the expense of California taxpayers. But that’s what she needs, and the sooner it’s adminsitered the better we’re all going to be.

To Sunrazor - She IS an adult, at least legally. She turned 21. Therefore according to the law she is now responsible for her actions. Until she hires a really good lawyer who says what you did.

What does “hard core” mean? She shows no evidence whatsoever of being able to refrain from using mind- and mood-altering drugs of her own volition. That’s what I mean by addiction. Does she get into serious trouble when she’s using? That’s what I would mean by hard-core. Is she working as a streetcorner prostitute? No, I’ll give you that.

twicks, recovering addict

What **twickster ** said.

If her first DUI and 2 stints in rehab weren’t enough to get her to stop, what will? Does she have to kill someone while behind the wheel? Overdose and end up in the hospital? Or will she kill herself before any of that happens?

If someone can’t stop drinking and/or drugging despite serious legal and health ramifications, they’re most likely addicted.

She just left rehab for chrissakes! That’s what we recovering addicts would call ‘one helluva relapse’.

Addiction is clinically defined as having a continued compulsion to use in the face of negative consequences. She meets that criterion in spades. I think she’s an alcoholic and a cokehead, but that doesn’t excuse anything. I don’t feel sorry for her. She may not have chosen to inherit the addiction gene but she did choose to drive a car on a suspended license while she was wasted.

I don’t feel sorry for her.

Look, I’m not gonna’ swap addict credentials with you, twicks – you’ve been through it, I’ve only held a couple of guys’ hands through it. I’m just saying that I don’t think Lindsey Lohan is capable of refraining from doing anything she damn well pleases, whether it’s good for her or not. Whether it’s flashing her vulva at the world, running away from an accident, getting into a car when she’s snockered – she is an immature snot who has never been taught the boundaries of decency. Maybe addiction is a result of that, but I just don’t think it’s the cause.

I really do think she’s addicted. She was JUST busted not all that long ago for DUI when she smashed her car into a wall (she actually just went and turned herself in for that two or three days ago) and now here she is again getting at best drunk, at worst coked up and driving. They are saying her blood alcohol was .13, that’s not a little bit drunk.

Further though, I’m sure we could blame the hangers on like her sleazy mother, but in reality Lohan is a grown up now and only she is responsible for her actions. I’m 21 also, so this whole “she really needs adult supervision until she grows up” thing is really a moot point- I think most of us were able, at 21, to make the smart decision to not get coked up, let alone get coked up and drive our car.

Speaking of her sleazy mother, does anyone remember these pictures? You’re looking at an under 21 Lohan, drinking a bottle of Jack with her skank of a mother.

I don’t know what everyone’s so sad about…

We have ourselves the next Robert Downey, Jr.! And this one’s HOT!

I’m thinking more Tom Sizemore.

maybe she’s just jealous of all the attention Paris got when SHE went to jail.

Dumbest bitch in the universe. Why? It’s not even that the stupid millionaire skank won’t hire a 25k-a-year schlub to drive her around from 9PM to 4AM. It’s that the stupid skank won’t even tell one of her bottom feeding entourage, “Hey, you be sober driver tonight.”

Pur her at the top of your dead pool. You don’t have to feel guilty. Nothing of value will be lost.

It must be quite an accomplishment to attain that 40-year-old “rode hard, put away wet” look when you’ve just turned 21.

You can do all the drinking and drugs you want in a club, bar, your house, etc. and no one is going to be any the wiser, or care. All you have to do to continue your life of luxury is NOT drive your car when high, and you can’t even do that, even when you have plenty of options? She must be the dumbest person on the planet.